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Girls Swim/Dive: Districts

Congrats to all of our girls who will be competing tomorrow in finals!

Medley Relay
200 Free: Fisk, Murdoch, Hixon, Riggins
200 IM: Williams, Nordal
50 Free: Kwan, Edwards
Diving: Michaels, Varney
100 Fly: Kwan, Koksu, Choe
100 Free: Murdoch, Edwards, Robinson
500 Free: Fisk, Riggins, Williams
200 Free Relay
100 Back: Hixon, Jradi
100 Breast: Raisys
400 Free Relay

Way to go, girls! Looking forward to tomorrow!

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Girls Swim/Dive: Kingco

A few informational pieces for the meet today:

Our warm-up is now scheduled for 2:55pm-3:20pm.
The meet starts at 3:45pm.

Today's Event Lineup:
Medley Relay: Kwan, Raisys, Murdoch, Edwards
200 Free: Hixon, Riggins, Williams, Tse
200 IM: Choe, Jradi, Baker, Raisys
50 Free: Murdoch Edwards, McAllister, Robinson
Diving (@Juanita): Michaels, Varney
100 Fly: Murdoch, Koksu, Choe
100 Free: Fisk, Kwan, Williams, Ritcey
500 Free: Hixon, Edwards, Tse, Baker
200 Free Relay: Fisk, Ritcey, Murdoch, Williams
100 Back: Kwan, Jradi, Robinson
100 Breast: Fisk, Raisys, Nordal
400 Free Relay: Kwan, Edwards, Williams, Fisk

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Girls Swim/Dive: SPRIO!!

Want up to date information on the team? Join SPRIO! Search for our team and become a fan! Download the app for information on us all the time!

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Girls Swim/Dive: Great Win

Results: Meet results are now posted! Congrats to today's gold cap winner - Heather Robinson!

Need a secret buddy form? You can get one HERE. This is the last call for the and goal sheets for the season- DUE MONDAY.

Normal practice schedule tomorrow!

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Girls Swim/Dive: Meet Results

Results: Good meet today! We were able to get wins against two VERY good teams today! Congrats to all of our A relays today for their state qualifying times. In addition, Maeve Murdoch (200 Free) and Sabrina Kwan (100 Fly) both got some state cuts out of the way. Today's gold cap goes to Sabrina Kwan for her swim! Good start to the meet season.

Next meet tomorrow!

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Girls Swim/Dive: First Meet Tomorrow!

First meet is tomorrow! Warm-up is at 2:30pm and the meet will start at 3pm with diving. The meet format will be a little different with the final TWO heats and 4 varsity swimmers for each team having the opportunity to score points for the team. Should be a fun meet with lots of fast swimming and great dives! Looking forward to a sunny afternoon at MIBC.

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Girls Swim/Dive: First Week of Schedule

Monday-Friday Practices: 

Swim: 9-10:30am - MIBC

Dryland: 11:15am-Noon Mercerdale Park (optional)

Swim: 3:30-5:30pm Mary Wayte

Friday: 5:30-8:30pm - Team Meeting at MIHS; Dinner will be provided

Saturday: Lake Swim from Clarke Beach at 7:30am. We will start promptly at 7:30am. Swimmers arriving after that time will not be permitted to participate.

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Girls Swim/Dive: One More Week!

The first day of practice is just one week away! Please see you email for our practice schedule.

Athletic Packets Due: No athlete will be permitted to practice without a completed athletic packet turned in to the Athletic Office at MIHS (turning the packet in to Chauntelle on the first day is not acceptable). Packets are already past due, so please be sure you get this taken care of ASAP this week.

Most of your questions about other items will be answered during the first week of practice. Can't wait to see you all again in just a week!

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Boys Swim/Dive: State Lineup

The lineup for the state meet is as follows:

200 Medley Relay
200 Free: Gore, Caldwell, Apodaca, Fukuda
200 IM: Koontz, Conger, Martinez, Larkin
50 Free: Deiparine, Maclane, Waesche, Hanson
Diving: Dixon
100 Fly: Koontz, Ralph, Maclane
100 Free: Deiparine, Weiss, Caldwell, Waesche
500 Free: Gore, Conger, Apodaca, Lacrampe
200 Free Relay
100 Back: Ralph, Larkin
100 Breast: Fukuda, Martinez
400 Free Relay

Congrats to all of those participating!

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Boys Swim/Dive: Districts Champs!

Congrats to the 20 boys who participated this weekend and helped the team earn the district 2 championship today. District event winners include Ben Gore (200 Free), Noah Deiparine (50 Free, 100 Free), the 200 Free Relay (Weiss, Maclane, Waesche, Caldwell) and the 400 Free Relay (Gore, Caldwell, Deiparine, Weiss). Great performances from all of our athletes today. So proud of you all. Results from finals and prelims are posted.

An official state lineup will be posted tomorrow afternoon at some point. Practice schedule for this week was discussed during our post-meet talk. If you have any questions, feel free to email Chauntelle.

Looking forward to an amazing week of practices and the state meet to cap it off.

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Boys Swim/Dive: Post-season Awards

We will be doing our post-season awards voting tomorrow, Thursday, starting at 3:15pm at Mary Wayte. Voting should take 15 minutes and all athletes who participated this season should attend. We will be voting for post-season awards, 2014-15 captains and the Frank Ceteznik award. Your vote is important! Please be sure to attend.

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Boys Swim/Dive: Kingco Champs!

Congrats to all who competed this season to help the team to a Kingco Championship Meet team victory! Events winners today included Andrew Weiss (200 Free), Ian Caldwell (50 Free), Noah Deiparine (100 Breast) and the 400 Free relay consisting of Noah Deiparine, Ben Gore, Brandt Waesche and Ian Caldwell.

Results from tonight's meet are posted. Again, congrats to the entire team for the great efforts today in all of the events! For his effort today, Ian Caldwell earned tonight's gold cap.

Finalized district entries will be posted on Sunday after the entry deadline.

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Boys Swim/Dive: Kingco Prelims Results - Finals Today

Prelim results can be found on the meet schedule and results page.

Athletes competing today are listed below:

200 Medley Relay - A Relay
200 Free: Weiss, Apodaca, Martinez, Lacrampe N
200 IM: Ralph, Gore, Fukuda, Larkin T
50 Free: Caldwell, MacLane, Waesche, Hanson
Diving: Dixon, Waesche
100 Fly: Weiss, Caldwell, Deiparine, Conger
100 Free: Koontz, Ralph, MacLane, Fukuda
500 Free: Gore, Lacrampe X, Swaya, Jenkins
200 Free Relay: A Relay
100 Back: Larkin T, Kwan, Lacrampe X, Litzow
100 Breast: Deiparine, Koontz, Stoops, Conger
400 Free Relay: A Relay

GREAT swims from everyone yesterday! For those continuing on today (and all of those athletes coming to cheer the team on) the bus leaves from MIHS at 1:45pm. Warmup is at 2:30pm and the meet starts at 3:45pm. Go Islanders!!

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Boys Swim/Dive: Crest/Crown; This Week

Crest/Crown: Entries for the Crest/Crown meet are now posted. Athletes participating should leave class at 1:40pm; the bus will leave at 1:50pm. Warmup for the meet is at 2:30pm with the meet starting at 3:30pm. We are competing against Interlake for the Kingco 3A title.

If you are not participating in tomorrow's meet - practice is as scheduled from 3:30-5:30pm and you are expected to attend.

Wednesday: We will have only two options for practice on Wednesday - 5:30am-7am and 4pm-5:30pm.  Please note the change for this week.

Taper: Please remember that we are RESTING. Going for a long run or using all of your energy to ski or mountain bike is the OPPOSITE of what you should be doing to ensure the best results for your Kingco Championship Meet later this week. Get some extra sleep and for those who are resting, please try to avoid coming to morning practice on Wednesday of this week. Your body will thank you for the extra rest. :-)

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Boys Swim/Dive: Thursday Practice, Crest/Crown, Post-Season

Thursday Practice: We were one person short today of reaching our 95% minimum to have tomorrow off from practice. Because so few boys have missed, we will indeed NOT have practice tomorrow. I will talk directly with the boys who have missed over the past three days and deal with them directly. Congrats to those of you who stayed committed to what the team is doing as we enter the last few weeks of the season.

Crest/Crown: We will be swimming one final dual meet next week on Tuesday at Juanita - the Crest/Crown dual meet championship. This meet will determine the 3A Kingco regular season champion. We will have extremely limited entries for that meet (3 varsity per event), so very few of the team will be attending. There will be practice for those not competing in the meet on Tuesday at our normal practice time at Mary Wayte. Athletes will be chosen to compete on coach's discretion.

Post-Season: As we near the end of the season, please remember that only 4 people from our team will move on to districts and many of those spots have already been determined by in-season performances. There are a few remaining district spots that we are looking to fill as we go into next week's meet. The district lineup and state lineup are essentially the same! Athletes must compete in the same events at districts that they plan to compete in at the state meet. Please note this as you prepare for the end of your seasons - whenever that may be. If you have any questions about where you fall, please talk with or email Chauntelle. :-)

Normal practice times on Friday! Enjoy your day off.

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Boys Swim/Dive: Results, Athletic Code

Congrats, Seniors! Thanks for a great regular season to our seniors! So glad we were able to send you out of the regular season with a win at our last home meet. Thanks to everyone who attended to honor this group tonight. For his swims today, Teddy Larking earned our gold cap.

Practices: OUR WORK IS NOT DONE! We still have a lot of season left! Training over the next two weeks is vital to finishing our season with a bang! Please, remember that practices are required - not optional - and that you should have perfect attendance from here until the end of your season, which could be very soon for some of you. If you have questions, please talk with Chauntelle.

Tolo/Athletic Code: Please be sure to review the athletic code that you signed prior to beginning the swim season. The athletic code is available in the student handbook as well as online under school board administrative policies. Here are a few highlights that you should know going into this weekend.  

Violation of the athletic code would, at this point, be the end of your season and fatal to our team's continued goals for the year. Please think of your teammates and make smart choices this weekend. Remove yourself from situations that seem unsafe immediately.

Boys Swim/Dive: Entries and Senior Night!

Entries for tomorrow are now up. Really excited to celebrate our fantastic group of seniors tomorrow during the meet! Can't wait to see you all there!

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Boys Swim/Dive: Meet Results

Results from tonight's win against Bellevue are now posted! Great job team! Congrats to Austin Ralph for earning tonight's gold cap!

Normal practice schedule for tomorrow - bring shoes!

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Boys Swim/Dive: Meet Results and Updates

Thursday/Newport: Results from the meet against Newport are now posted! Congrats to so many of you for great swims and performances! Our meets are really starting to come together. Lets keep our dual meet intensity going!

Saturday/Kentridge: So many great swims on Saturday that I can't just pick a few to talk about! I am so impressed by the focus from the entire team who participated. Nearly every swim was a season or even personal best! We posted some of the top times in the state and had event winner in the 50 free (Noah Deiparine), 100 Free (Ian Caldwell) 500 Free (Dave Conger), 200 Free Relay (Weiss, Ralph, Waesche, Caldwell), 100 Breast (Noah Deiparine) and the 400 free relay (Deiparine, Weiss, Waesche, Caldwell). This was our best showing of the season from top to bottom. Thank you for spending your Seahawks Gameday at KCAC showing the rest of the state just how good you are!

Tuesday: Entries for tomorrow's meet against Skyline will be posted later this evening (there will be no new posted to the website - just the entries on the meet entries and results page). Keep an eye out for what you are swimming.

Wednesday: Team pictures will be at 2:15pm at Mary Wayte Pool. All members of the team should be in their black team suits and ready for the photo as soon as possible after school. There will be no 3:30pm practice on Wednesday; all athletes should try to attend practice on Wednesday afternoon after the team photo if schedules permit.

Monday, January 20: There will be practice on MLK Day next Monday. Time will be announced later this week.

Top Times: A top times report has been posted to the program info page. Please take a look at where you fall on our team's depth chart!

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Boys Swim/Dive: Kentridge Invitational

Details for tomorrow morning!

Van (with Chauntelle) leaves at 7am from behind the admin building (max of 6 kids will fit)
Bus with remaining athletes leaves at 7:20am from MIHS 

Warmup: 8am
Meet Starts: 9am
Tentative Timeline

Expected arrival back to MIHS: 4:30pm

Heat Sheet Pricing: $5
Admission Pricing: $5 per person/$20 max per family

Heat sheets and admission are cash only.

Looking forward to a fun meet tomorrow!

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Boys Swim/Dive: Entries on FB

Entries for tomorrow's meet will be posted later today to the team facebook page. Please check there for your events. I will post entries to the website (here) very late this evening - probably after 10pm.

See you all tomorrow at the pool! Please get in for warm-up as quickly as possible.

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Boys Swim/Dive: Results Posted

Meet Results: Good job today, boys! Results are now posted. For his effort today, Duncan Koontz earned the gold cap!

Wednesday: Don't forget to bring your shoes to practice tomorrow. To those boys swimming this weekend at the Kentridge Invite, no shoes tomorrow. See you all at practice!

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Boys Swim/Dive: Happy New Year!

Meet Tomorrow: Entries are up. Take a look at what you are swimming and get to the pool quickly for warm-up. Seniors, don't forget you are taking a photo again for yearbook whether you are participating in the meet tomorrow or not.

Please don't forget your team suits tomorrow.

Saturday: Those boys who are participating on Saturday at the Kentridge Invite (entries are posted) should be prepared for a long (but fun) day. The bus will leave MIHS at 7:20am. BRING SOMETHING TO SIT ON. The deck gets very crowded. Also, be sure to bring lunch/snacks. There are a few additional entries I am hoping to get into the meet, but they are additional swims for those already listed on the lineup. This lineup has already been submitted to the meet coordinator (deadline was last week). More information will come at practices throughout the week.

Health/Taking Care of Yourself: This is a time of the year where sickness tends to take its toll on those of us who are not well hydrated and getting enough sleep (I was already down for the count this past weekend). PLEASE, take care of yourselves. If you aren't feeling well, a day or two of extra hydration and sleep now may keep you from needing to take a week off later. Bring your own water bottles to the pool during practice and be sure to wash your hands often throughout the day to avoid the spread of germs to and from others around you. Its imperative that we keep our entire team healthy during the next 6-7 weeks as we finish up the season. For over half of our team, the season will be over in just 4-5 short weeks. I would hate to see you spend the end of your season sick or not have the best performances possible because you aren't 100%. You have done a good job these past few weeks - lets keep it up!

See you at the meet tomorrow!

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No practice today. See you as scheduled on Monday. :-)

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Boys Swim/Dive: AT Liberty tomorrow!

Entries are up. We have a really small squad travelling to tomorrow's meet. Please be sure you are out of class at 2:05pm and on the bus by 2:15pm when we leave! See you tomorrow.

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Boys Swim/Dive: Meet Results

Results: Nice job today, boys! SO much better than our swims against Bainbridge last week. Stay true to working hard. I know it will pay off for you. Congrats to Jimmy Markwith for earning today's gold cap. So many deserving athletes today, it was hard to choose. I want it to be like this EVERY meet. I am excited for what Thursday's meet will bring.

Don't forgot your shoes tomorrow!

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Boys Swim/Dive: Results Posted!

Results: Good swims and dives today! Better performances than last week from the entire group. Great job. Congrats to our state qualifier from today's meet - Noah Deiparine (100 Breast). Special congrats to our gold cap for today - Drew Fukuda! Really looking forward to even better performances later this week against Bainbridge.

Thursday: For Thursday's meet at Bainbridge, we will be taking a limited number of athletes and have a limited number of non-scoring heats in events. Please be aware that all athletes who attend practice on Wednesday and have 10 total practices are eligible to attend, but not all athletes will necessarily compete/attend on Thursday. The lineup will be posted on Wednesday evening as soon as I am able to get it completed and online. If you are going to attend practice on Wednesday, but cannot attend the meet on Thursday, please email me by 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Out of class FOR THOSE ATTENDING THE MEET will be at 12:55pm and the bus will leave promptly at 1:05pm. Please bring money for a quick stop at McDonalds on the way back. We expect to be back after 7pm.

Updated 12/10/13 at 8:14pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Meet Results

Meet Results: Good job during our first meet of the season yesterday against Roosevelt! Lots of good things happening from what you guys have been doing in practices. Still some room for us to grow, but we were off to decent start with our meet last night. Results are posted on the Meet Schedule and Results page. Congrats to our state qualifiers: David Conger (500 Free), Noah Deiparine (200 IM, 100 Free), Ben Gore (200 Free), and Duncan Koontz (100 Fly). For his swims on Thursday, David Conger earned this year's first gold cap.

Upcoming Reminders: Two meets next week - Tuesday against Ballard at MW and Thursday against Bainbridge at Bainbridge. Be sure you are attending practices appropriately in order to be eligible to compete. Please keep checking the website daily for updates that may pertain to weather related practice and meet changes. This will have the most up-to-date information regarding any changes.

Have a great weekend!!

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Boys Swim/Dive: First Meet TOMORROW!!

Meet Tomorrow: We have finally made it to our first meet! We will compete against Roosevelt tomorrow. The meet will begin with diving first at 3:30pm. Warmup starts at 3pm, so you should each hustle over as quickly as possible after school to get into the water and get onto the diving board to be warmed up appropriately for your races. (One way to see me yell a lot before the meet even begins is to walk in the door late and not get in the pool to warm up right away...) Meet entries are posted on the Meet Schedule and Results page. I am having some formatting issues with the remainder of the schedule...don't worry, I will keep working on it tonight. :-)

If for some reason, you are listed but not able to swim/dive - or you feel like you should be listed to participate, but are not - PLEASE EMAIL ME at [email protected] as soon as possible. It's sometimes hard to keep perfect track of all 60 of you and a mistake is bound to happen with the lineups early in the season. I can fix almost anything before the meet...once the meet starts we are locked in.

Please bring a suit appropriate for the meet tomorrow (either a plain suit, or a MIHS suit from past years). Suits with other team logos are not allowed. Black team caps will be distributed tomorrow for those who need one as well. :-)

Sign-Up links for parents: Links to sign up for timing and snacks for tomorrow are posted on the Meet Schedule and Results page as well. Parents, please help make this first meet a great one and volunteer to help us run the meet!

Hang in there, crew! You have done a good job these past few days at practice. Be ready to race tomorrow!

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Boys Swim/Dive: Time Trials Results

Results from Time Trials can be found here (UPDATED 11/27). Great job today by so many! Please remember what we talked about at the end of time trials and the things to remember as we head into practice these next few days.

10 Practices: Just a reminder - to compete in our first meet next Thursday, December 5th, you will need to have 10 days of practice completed prior to the meet. Partial practice attendance or limited practice time does not count toward this amount. If you have questions on how many practices you have attended, please see Chauntelle.

Remember - practice tomorrow is split in the afternoon - BRING SHOES FOR USE IN THE WATER (to all practices - not just the afternoon).

See you tomorrow! :-) 

Updated 11/26/13 at 7:52pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Week One!

We are well into week one of the boys season! Just a reminder that you should be recieving emails on upcoming deadlines including ordering the team suit and apparel. If you need more information, please email [email protected]. These deadlines are hard and we are unable to order after the dates listed.

Team Meeting Tomorrow: Tomorrow evening we have our annual team meeting at the high school! We will start right after practice at 5:30pm in room 207/209 at MIHS. Dinner will be served. Boys should be come ready to listen and be involved in active discussion about the upcoming season. All members of the team are to attend.

Upcoming Events:

Monday - Parent Meeting - 6pm at MIHS Amp
Tuesday - Time Trials - 3:30-5:30pm
Wednesday - Normal Practice Schedule
Thursday - No Practice - Happy Thanksgiving!
Friday - 10am-Noon

Weight Training: Unfortunately, we were unable to fit consistent weight training into the coaching schedule this season as we did last year. :-( Thanks for your patience as we worked through what was best for the team.

Practice Requirements: Remember, in order to compete in a meet, you need to have 10 practices. I will hand out our season schedule tomorrow at the team meeting, but please note that our first meet is December 5th. 

Looking forward to a fun season with you boys!

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Girls Swim/Dive: 2013 STATE CHAMPS!

Congrats to our state champion girls team. We couldn't be more proud of the entire team this season. Thanks for representing our team in such an amazing fashion, ladies!

Boys Swim/Dive: First Day MONDAY

Packets Due: Packets were due last week. At this time, only 40 boys have turned their packets in for swim/dive. If you know of any additional athletes interested in participating, be sure you ask if their packet has been turned in. Thanks!

Practice Information: An informational sheet with a calendar of the first two weeks is available at the MIHS athletic office. Please stop by and pick one up ASAP. First practice is Monday at 3:30pm. We will get done at 5:30pm. I will be available to answer any and all questions at that time.

Questions? Feel free to email me at [email protected]. I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner, but please understand that all my focus is on our girls team and their state meet this weekend. Please be patient. :-)

Can't wait to get started with you all next week.

Updated 11/13/13 at 8:20pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: State Team

Congrats to our 2013 MIHS Girls Swim and Dive State Team!

200 Medley Relay
200 Free: Fisk, Murdoch, Cox, Hixon
200 IM: Olsen, Choe
50 Free: Kwan, Hecker, Robinson
Diving: Michaels, Lightfoot, Varney
100 Fly: Kwan, Seidel, Koksu
100 Free: Murdoch, Steinhauer, Olsen, Hecker
500 Free: Fisk, Riggins, Hixon
200 Free Relay
100 Back: Cox, Seidel, Jradi
100 Breast: Raisys
400 Free Relay

Excited for our last week of the season and some fast swims and great diving.

Normal practice schedule for the week EXCEPT Monday's practice will start at 3pm.

Updated 11/10/13 at 9:54am.

Girls Swim/Dive: Districts Results

Congrats to the 2013 Girls team for winning the SeaKing District 2 team championship tonight! Very proud of your efforts and the hard work that is just starting to payoff for the group who will compete next weekend as well. Congrats to our additional state qualifiers from this weekend as well.

A full state team roster will be posted tomorrow evening.

Updated 11/9/13 at 11:23pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Kingco Results

Results: Prelims and Finals results are now posted. Congrats to you girls for a great week of racing! On Tuesday, we were able to secure another Kingco Championship and last night we were able to secure another Kingco Championship meet win as well! Without winning one event this weekend, you really showed it is about being the best TEAM we can be. Congrats to Emily Koksu (100 Fly) and Hadley Michaels (Diving) for punching new tickets to the state meet this weekend as well. For a great weekend of swimming, Heather Robinson earned the Kingco gold cap.

While all of our girls ended the season on different notes, it was clear that the hard work you put in during the season translated to your success this weekend. Congratulations to all of you for a job well done. 

Districts Entries: Now posted as well. All girls on the list should attend practice on Monday as scheduled. Relays  are listed in alphabetical order; not necessarily the order or persons swimming on the relays. Relays will be discussed during practice on Tuesday afternoon.

Lets keep the ball rolling, girls!

Updated 11/3/13 at 11:40am.

Kingco Championships Information


·         Swimming – University of Washington Pavilion Pool

·         Diving – Juanita High School


Swim Prelims @ U of W Friday, November 1, 2013

Session I

·         Pool Opens: 12:30 PM

·         Warm-up: 1:00 PM

·         Coaches Meeting: 1:30 PM

·         Meet Starts: 2:00 PM

·         Meet End: 5:00 PM

·         Participants:  Ballard,  Newport, Issaquah, Interlake, Redmond, Skyline, Eastlake Liberty, Sammamish, Mt Si


Session II

·         Warm-up: 5:30 PM

·         Coaches Meeting: 6:00 PM

·         Meet Starts: 6:30 PM

·         Participants: Mercer Island, Bellevue, Garfield, Roosevelt, Woodinville, Juanita, Lake Washington, Inglemoor, Bothell


                 Saturday, November 2, 2013 (Swimming)


Swim Finals @ University of Washington

·         Pool Opens: 2:00 PM

·         Warm-up: 2:30 PM

·         Meet Starts: 3:45 PM


Saturday, November 2, 2013 (Diving)


Dive Finals @ Juanita Pool

·         Warm-up: 8 AM

·         Meet Starts: 9:30 AM

·         Meet End: 1:00 PM


Girls Swim/Dive: Post-Season Awards Voting

ALL members of the team are encouraged to come to Mary Wayte pool on Thursday at 3:30pm to vote on post-season awards. The process should take no longer than 15-20 minutes. Those girls participating at the Kingco meet will have practice after voting. Those girls who are done for the season will be able to leave and head home. Make coming a priority!!

Remember, votes are not a popularity contest. Your votes are confidential and shouldn't be discussed. I want to really know who you girls think improved most and inspired you most this season.

Go Islanders!

Updated on 10/28/13 at 9:10pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Bainbridge Results and IMPORTANT Updates

Bainbridge Results: Take a look at the results from the meet last Thursday. Thanks for your patience as we worked through a website issue. :-) Good effort from the team, but we came up just short to a very good Bainbridge group. Congrats to our gold cap from the meet, Caitlin Cox and to Maeve Murdoch for her state qualifying time in the 200 free!

Didn't Qualify for Kingco?  Even though some of you did not qualify for the Kingco Champ meet, you are still an important part of our program. Our season is not completed until the very last swimmer finishes her very last race! Please keep checking the website for important information on the post season and how you can continue to help the team accomplish our goals for the season.

Tuesday's Meet: Next Tuesday we will participate in the crest/crown kingco championship meet in hopes of being named the 3A Kingco League Champs. This meet is at Juanita Pool and will start at 3pm. The bus will leave at 2pm and your out of class time is at 1:50pm. You are not to leave class prior to 1:50pm. We will be taking a VERY limited number of swimmers/divers to the meet on Tuesday. For those not competing, you will have a normally scheduled practice at Mary Wayte on Tuesday. The meet lineup will be posted late Sunday evening.

Kingco: Info on kingco prelims will come out next week AFTER Tuesday's meet. Here is what you need to know for now: we will leave for prelims at 3:15pm on Friday and for finals at 1:20pm on Saturday. Please have those times down on your calendars. :-) Remember, the meet is November 1-2 (NEXT weekend).

Hang in there, girls! It is all going to be worth the effort very very soon!

Updated 10/23/13 at 11:30am.

Girls Swim/Dive: Bainbridge Meet Entries

Tomorrow: Entries are posted! Please take a look at the events you are swimming and be ready to race! Really looking forward to a fast meet tomorrow. Out of class at 12:55pm with the bus leaving at 1:05pm. Be sure to have a good breakfast and lunch tomorrow and to bring money for a stop at McDonalds on the way home.

Updated 10/16/13 at 7:42pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Results -Coming Soon

Results: Great swims and dives today, ladies! Unfortunately, I do not have full results to post quite yet. As soon as I have them in my possession, I will get them posted and get a top times list updated. Thanks for your patience. RESULTS NOW POSTED. TOP TIMES NOW POSTED.

Great swim for Leah Fisk in the 200 IM as she qualified for the state meet! For her great swims today, Sakura Kamioka earned today's gold cap.

Updated 10/15/13 at 9:23pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Entries Posted

Entries: Tomorrow's entries are now posted. Remember, we are having to do some unique things with the lineups this week. We are focusing on giving our team a chance to walk away with a team win while trying to give a few more chances for Kingco qualifying times to those who have not yet qualified for the Kingco meet. If you are swimming few events, it is to help with that.

Thursday: For our meet on Thursday, we will be taking as many kids as we can, but please note that the number of swims will be limited. Some swimmers may come and only swimming one event. You will need to leave class at 12:55pm and the bus will leave at 1:05pm promptly so we are able to make the ferry. On the way home, please bring some extra money as the team will stop at McDonalds prior to boarding the ferry at the conclusion of the meet. We will be taking the 6:30pm ferry home.

Friday: For those who do not have a Kingco qualifying time, your last practice of the season will be on Friday. Even if you do not make the time on Tuesday and are not on the roster to compete on Thursday, please be at practice on Wednesday and Friday this week with the team. Your presence matters!

Most girls are well aware of whether they have a kingco time or not, but if you are unsure please see the Program Info page and look at the top times report. You will see your name, time and whether there is a standard qualified next to it.

As always, please email me with questions! See you all at tomorrow's meet!

Updated 10/14/1 at 8:23pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Results

Results Posted: Good effort tonight as we sent our seniors out with a great meet! Congrats to Caitlin Cox (200 Free) for her state qualifying time. For her swims today, Leah Fisk earned tonight's gold cap.

Pictures Tomorrow: Remember, pictures tomorrow afternoon. Please be sure to wear your team suit. We will practice after the pictures are done together.

Updated 10/8/13 at 8:40pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Senior Night Tomorrow!

Skyline Meet: Please get some good rest tonight as we compete against a good Skyline team tomorrow. We will spend some time after the 50 free celebrating our awesome seniors! Seniors, I will have a half sheet with the following info for you to give to me tomorrow. Please think about your responses carefully. :-)

-Number of Years on the Team
-Plans for Next Year
-Favorite Practice Set/Dive Workout
-Five Words to Describe What MIHS Swim and Dive Means to You

We will be swimming less heats than normal in events tomorrow to be sure and accommodate for our celebration. Please take a look at your event entries and be mindful of that. Most girls on the team are only swimming 2 events - make 'em count!

See you all tomorrow! Go Islanders!

Updated 10/7/13 at 7:00pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Website Updates

Results: LOTS of updates including results from some of our past meets up on the website. OAK HARBOR RESULTS NOW POSTED (10/7/13 at 11:45am). Mukilteo Invite results that I received had a few incorrect relay orders, I AM WORKING ON GETTING THOSE CHANGED. I posted the incorrect results that I do currently have however until those new ones are in my possession as well.

Friday Practice Times: With no school on Friday, we will have practice from 3:30-5:30pm in the afternoon ONLY - no 5:30am practice.

Team Pictures: This Wednesday, our team pictures will be at Mary Wayte. Please wear your team suits. The picture will be taken promptly at 2:20pm. Picture packets will be available at practice on Monday afternoon and on Tuesday after the meet. The entire team will practice after the picture is taken.

Mukilteo Invite: Great job yesterday to those 19 girls who participated at the Mukilteo Invite. We were able to come away with a team victory and lots of season best times. Congrats to Audrey Hixon (100 Back) and Maeve Murdoch (100 Free) who picked up state times. For great swims yesterday, Emily Koksu and Maeve Murdoch will share gold cap honors!

This Week: Only one meet this week and its at home on Tuesday against a really good Skyline team. We will be honoring our seniors after the 50 freestyle, so be ready to celebrate them and swim fast! Only a few more chances in the regular season for best times.

Updated 10/6/13 at 1:45pm.

Top Times: The program info page is home to our first top times report of the season through Friday, October 4th. Take a look at the standings to see where your times rank you! (Again, without electronic results from Oak Harbor, those times are not included. Coming soon!)

Updated 10/6/13 at 2:30pm. 

Girls Swim/Dive: Meet Lineup Questions

I am getting lots of questions about the meet lineup for tomorrow. We have a limited number of events and swims available. There is not an exact science to how I picked who would be swimming and who would be staying home. Some of it is simply me taking a look at which athletes are close to a time standard time and bringing them for another chance to qualify. Another is seeing how many meets some of you have already competed in. Another is which swims I really would like to see out of some of the team tomorrow. Some of it is I feel like a swimmer is doing particularly well and want to see them race more, some is that a swimmer is doing particularly well and I think they deserve a day off.

Again, staying home from tomorrow's meet isn't punishment! It's the gift of a day off.

No need to wonder if I still like you - I do. :-)

Updated 9/25/13 at 6:56pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Results and Article

Thursday Meet: Entries posted. For those swimming/diving, please be on time for the 2:20pm bus departure (out of class at 2:15pm).  

Meet Results: Congrats to Alex Seidel (200 IM), Leah Fisk (200 Free) and Audrey Hixon (500 Free) for their state qualifying times during yesterday's meet. LOTS of kingco and district qualifying times. We are starting to look better with each meet! Let's keep it going, girls! For her swims on Tuesday, Audrey Hixon earned the gold cap.

Article: Great article on 20 Habits of Elite Swimmers. Take a look.

Whidbey Island Trip: Slight change to yesterdays agenda. The Oak Harbor swim team and their parents have graciously volunteered to provide pizza, salad and spaghetti for us at the pool on Saturday following the meet! We will stop for team dessert on the way home. :-)

Mukilteo Invitational: ENTRIES ARE NOW POSTED AND FINAL. Please take a look.

Updated on 9/25/13 at 11:29am and at 12:08pm and again at 6:07pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Busy Weeks Ahead!

Tuesday: Our meet tomorrow against Issaquah will start at 3:30pm with diving at Mary Wayte. As always, please double check the entries list to see that your name is listed (or not) appropriately. Hustle over to warm-up promptly after school. There will be a brief meeting after the meet on Tuesday with more information on the Whidbey Trip.

Wednesday: Team pictures have been moved to October 9th. Normal practice schedule on Wednesday - bring your shoes!

Thursday: Meet at Liberty (Boehm Pool). Travel list will not be posted until Wednesday in the late afternoon after practice attendance has been taken. If you cannot attend the meet on Thursday, please let me know via email by 9am on Wednesday morning so I can be sure we take a full bus. On Thursday, you will need a whammo for a 2:15pm out of class and a 2:20pm bus departure.

Friday: No whammo needed. We will be leaving with full vans at 3pm directly after school. Again, more information after the meet on Tuesday.

Health: PLEASE take care of yourselves. We have six meets on the team's schedule over the next 12 days. It is important that you take care of your bodies to help keep yourself and your teammates from constant illness during this time. Please be sure to hydrate and get to bed early on the evenings that can.

Keep working hard!! We are right in the heart of our meets now and each race is getting you closer to your goals individually and our team destination!

Updated on 9/23/13 at 8:42pm.


Girls Swim/Dive: Friday

There will be no practice this Friday morning, and Friday afternoon practice will be optional to attend. This is to allow many of you who must attend homecoming activities to have a little more sleep, get through the weekend, and (some of you) to do well on your ACTs on Saturday.

Please note that it is OPTIONAL. Coaches will be at practice Friday afternoon with a regularly scheduled workout from 3:30-5:30pm. Next week we have normal practice on Monday, a meet on Tuesday, team pictures (limited practice) on Wednesday, a meet on Thursday, no practice on Friday (team travel to Whidbey) and a meet on Saturday. That means that Monday will be our only normal practice day next week. For those of you who do not need to miss on Friday, that practice is important to continue yesterday's meet success going into next week. Please make a good personal choice for yourself on Friday.

Updated 9/18/13 at 6:17pm.

Girls Swim/DIve: Meet Results

Meet Results: Now posted. Congrats to Sabrina Kwan (200 IM) and Alex Seidel (100 Back) for their state qualifying times during today's meet. Rachel Hecker had an outstanding group of swims today and was given today's gold cap for her efforts. Today's performances were FAR better than last weeks. Let's keep it going!

Wednesday: Shoes Wednesday will start tomorrow! Bring shoes that you can get wet to practice. We will be swimming with them. Flip flops and chuck taylors are not acceptable. :-) See you all tomorrow.

Updated on 9/17/13 at 8:28pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Entries Posted

Home Meet Against Ballard Tomorrow: Entries for tomorrow's meet against Ballard are now posted. Please, double check that you are listed as participating if you were at practice today and plan to be at the meet tomorrow. Also, double check that you are NOT listed as participating if you are not attending for whatever reason tomorrow. This will cut down on the number of relay scratches and ensure that all of our athletes get chances to swim!

There will be some changes to the lineup tomorrow, but they will be me ADDING you to events/open lanes, not me changing what is listed. Take a look when you arrive to the pool to see if maybe you were added to another event for the meet!

Remember, warmup starts at 3pm and you get out of school at 3pm. Hustle to the pool so you have enough time to be warmed up for fast racing tomorrow.

Diving is the first event.

Go Islanders!

Updated on 9/16/13 at 7:43pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Results posted

Meet Results: Now posted on the Meet Schedule and Results page. Congratulations to all three relays for state qualifying times. Individually, congrats are due to Caitlin Cox (200 IM, 100 Back), Leah Fisk (500 Free), Sabrina Kwan (50 Free) and Alex Seidel (100 Fly) for their state qualifying times. Esther Choe earned today's gold cap for her efforts during the meet.

Friday: Normal practice schedule. See you all tomorrow!

Updated on 9/12/13 at 7:42pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: First Meet Tomorrow!!

First Meet: Our meet tomorrow has a 3pm warmup and a 3:30pm meet start with diving going first. Remember, you are out of class at 2:45pm tomorrow with a WHAMMO. Do not hurry to get to the pool in your cars! Drive safely. Leaving 15 minutes early from class should get you out of the parking lots before the rush. Be prompt to change once you arrive at the pool. Most girls on the team are elibilble to compete if they attend practice on Wednesday (either morning or afternoon). A meet lineup will be posted to the Meet Schedule and Results page late Wednesday evening once the coaches have exchanged lineups. UPDATE: Competing athletes are now listed on the meet schedule and results page. A full lineup will be posted by 7am Thursday morning.

Team Suits: We are unsure if our team suits will be ready for the meet or not tomorrow. Please, do not contact Sylvia's to inquire on the ETA. The coaching staff and designated parents are working to get our suits to the team as soon as they are ready. We are one of many vendors for Sylvia's swim wear, so a bit of a lag is expected. Those without team caps will able to to get one at the meet on Thursday.

Apparel: Apparel items will arrive soon! Please be patient. Like mentioned above, please do not contact GGC Embroidery to inquire on ETA. The coaching staff and designated parents are working to get apparell in your hands as soon as possible. Some of the items chosen to be ordered this year, require a full order from the team before they can be processed (the sweatpants, t-shirt and bro-tank). The deadline for ordering is Friday, so expect some additional time after the deadline before the items are in your hand. Other items (like the fleece and shorts) will be sent to you as they are completed. We are one of many vendors for GGC, so a bit of a lag is expected. Booster t-shirts were handed out at practice yesterday afternoon.

Hydration/Nutrition: Girls, please drink water OUTSIDE of practice as well. Hydrating prior to practice is vital to your health. Also, talking with some of you already I am noticing a trend of small or no lunches happening. This is dangerout behavior. You are working really hard during practice and burning a lot of calories. USA Swimming gives some great information on nutrition here: Take a look. :-)

Communication: We are doing a pretty good job communcating when we are sick or missing practices for the most part, but other times I am clueless as to where you are when you miss a workout! Please swimmers, email me directly to let me know if you are ill or missing a practice for any reason. As we get into the racing part of the season, it is vital that I am aware of where you are so I can appropriately plan for meets.

Updated on 9/11/13 at 10:30am.

Boys/Girls Swim and Dive: College Swimming Panel

BCST Booster Club


College Swimming Panel Discussion


Monday October 7 – 7:00pm @ Bellevue Club, Olympic Ballroom.



What is it like to swim at College?  Wondering if a good 200 Fly time will get you into the College of your choice?  What's the difference between Division I, II and Division III athletics?  Can I get a big athletic scholarship?  We're hoping to start answering some of those questions . . .  We've  invited the Head Swim Coaches from UCLA, Claremont McKenna College, Seattle University and UC San Diego to join us for an evening  to discuss these and other questions.


Our goal is provide information on what it means to be a college student/athlete.  We've invited a diverse group of schools - big and small; private and public; Divisions I, II and III for the panel.  This seminar is NOT limited to those kids who will be heavily recruited by “big time” swimming schools.  This seminar is also intended to provide guidance to those who might want to swim at college and are curious about how that fits into admissions, academics, college life, etc.


We want to invite swimmers and parents from other PNS teams and our local High School Programs.  There are a very limited number of tickets available for purchase at $15 per person.  To purchase tickets for the event, use the following link: 


If you have questions about the event, feel free to email Mike Eggenberger ([email protected]).  


**This event is not sponsored by the MIHS athletic department or swim programs.**


Updated 9/9/13 at 11:37am.

Girls Swim/Dive: Whidbey Trip - FULL

The Whidbey Island trip is now full at the $70 price point. Here is the final list.

If athletes are still looking to attend, they should email me by 7am on Thursday morning (a minimum of 15 athletes are needed at this point) so that I can have enough time to get additional reservations secured.

Updated on 9/4/13 at 4:53pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Time Trials Results and Team Updates

Wednesday Practice Times: The Wednesday practice times are:

5:30-7am: All athletes

2:30-4:30pm: girls who typically practice in lanes 1-3 and girls from lane 4 as they choose (this practice will be catered to districts level and higher athletes)

4-5:30pm: girls from lane 4 as they choose and girls who typically practice in lanes 5-6

Morning practice is limited to those athletes who have prior commitments in the afternoon. We only have 3 lanes available for practice in the mornings and have six lanes available from 2:30-5:30pm for lots of space to spread out and for a more specialized practice.

Girls, if you are confused at what practice you belong in, ask the captains for some guidance FIRST, then if you are still unsure email me [email protected]. (Parents, encourage your girls to go through this process. I am confident they know where they are supposed to go.)

Practice times for the season are listed on the back of your meet schedule and posted to the right ---------->

Time Trials: Results are posted at the top of the meet schedule and results page. Check and see how you did! DQ'd? Don't worry! We have some things we are going to work on this week to hopefully help. :-) We still have a lot of season left, but now its time to start getting ready for racing mode. First week is just over a week away! Keep bringing your best to practices and I am sure it will all pay off.

Escape from the Rock: Remember, we need MORE people to sign up for this fundraiser! Its our only fundraiser for the season that requires so many members of the team. Please sign up at the top of the meet schedule and results page or here:

Oak Harbor Trip: Here is a list of receipts turned into to me as of today. If you turned your money in, but didn't get me a receipt yet, please do so ASAP! We are up to 29 already! :-)

Swim Across America: It isn't too late to sign up! We are the top fundraising team so far in the area and I know we can clear the $20,000 mark! Please team, rally behind us and lets make it happen! Talk to Sabrina S if you have any questions. We can do it!

Updated on 9/3/13 at 8:53pm at 9:26pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Travel Trip Papers and Info

Travel Trip: The travel trip to Whidbey packet can be found here. Please remember to get your money turned into ASB asap on Tuesday. Bring the receipt and your completed paperwork to Chauntelle as soon as it has been turned in to reserve your spot! Checks are $70 and should be made out to MIHS.

Monday: Optional Monday practice is from 3pm-5pm at Mary Wayte pool.

Tuesday: Time Trials warm up will be at 3:30pm with Time Trials events starting at 4pm. Remember, we are swimming the 100 free this year in place of the 100 IM. Looking forward to seeing us race!

Stay tuned!

Updated on 8/31/13 at 4:24pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Friday am practice

Friday morning practice is from 8am-9:30am like the other mornings this week at MSC. Sorry for the typo. (Really, girls...think I would have a 30 minute workout for you?!)

Updated on 8/29/13 at 12:18pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Team Suits

Team Suits: Information on team suit order can be found here. The deadline is THIS FRIDAY AT 9AM! There is no exception. Please be sure to order your suit. :-)

Parent Meeting: Calling all parents! Don't forget - our parent meeting is tomorrow evening at 6pm. This is for ALL parents. We will be in the MIHS auditorium.

First Practices: Proud of you girls these first few days. For some of you, this is the most swimming you have ever done; for others, you know that this is just the beginning of tougher workout to come. Keep the energy high (and keep bringing your water bottles to practice each day).

Swim Across America: SIGN UP ASAP for Swim Across America! Remember, $10,000 means I swim with you AND an additional $5,000 is donated to the team's cause! We got our cool bro-tanks at practice today - you don't want to miss out! Talk with Sabrina S for more information or for more questions. 

Monday Practice Added: I have added a practice on Monday afternoon from 3pm-5pm at Mary Wayte for those who would like to attend. Remember, it takes ten practices before you can swim the first meet o September 12th against Newport. It's also a great chance to get in an additional practice.

Updated 8/28/13 at 8:41pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Meet Schedule and Updates

Meet Schedule: Check the meet schedule and results page for our nearly finalized list for the year. More information will come during the parent meet on Thursday and during the team meeting on Friday.

Team Suits: Team suits need to be ordered directly from Sylvia's swimwear. A sizing kit will be at the pool this afternoon, tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday afternoon starting at 3pm. Please arrive early if you need to try on a suit for correct sizing. Practice will still start at 3:30pm.

Updated on 8/26/13 at 11:31am.

Girls Swim/Dive: First Practice TOMORROW!

Looking forward to the first day of practice tomorrow! Remember, your paperwork must be turned in at MIHS prior to your practice participation. If you paperwork was turned in after 2pm on Friday, you will need to bring a pink clearance slip from the athletic office before you can enter the water.

See you at 8am tomorrow morning at Mercerwood!

Updated on 8/25/13 at 10:22am.

Swim Across America - JOIN OUR TEAM!

For the third year, both our boys and girls teams will be participating in this fun event. I have challenged our group to raise $10,000 and will participate in the swim with the team if you do it! With over 120 athletes in our boys and girls programs, that amount is certainly not too much for us to do! In addition to me participating in the swim with the team, I just got word that a donor will add another $5,000 to our donation once we hit $10,000!! This is a great event and an excellent way for us to support SAA and the SCCA. Please see the note below from Sabrina on how to participate.




Swim Across America is a non-profit organization that raises money and awareness for cancer research, prevention, and treatment. Dozens of open water swims occur annually and all the proceeds raised by the swimmers go to a local cancer center.


This will be my third year leading the Swimmers Saving MI-llions team and I know that we can raise more money than ever before. I would love it if every swimmer could participate in this great event! On September 7th, we will participate in either a half or two mile swim in Lake Washington. I encourage all of you to join our team and raise money for this incredible cause. All money raised will benefit the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. For every swimmer that registers, my parents will donate $50 to the team’s fundraising efforts! Also, if we raise $10,000, Chauntelle will swim with us!


For more information on the event/organization go to:


TO REGISTER, go to this link and our team name is Swimmers Saving MI-llions.


Please let me know if you have any questions at all! You can contact me at [email protected] or on my cell phone at (206) 403-7344.


Thank you!

Sabrina Steinhauer


2013 MIHS Girls Swim and Dive Team Information

Packets: If you have not yet turned in your packet for the Fall Girls Swim/Dive season, please do so as soon as possible. These numbers are important to help determine coaching staff and practice scheduling for the season. All athletes, returning or new, should have this packet turned in prior to starting practices. NO swimmer or diver will be permitted to practice without a completed packet.

Practice: The first day of practice is Monday, August 26th. Our practice schedule for that week is as follows for swimmers:

Monday-Thursday: 8-9:30am (at MSC) and 3:30-5:30pm (at Mary Wayte)
Friday: 9-9:30am (at MSC)
Saturday am: Lake Swim

Diving practice schedule is as follows:
Monday-Thursday: 3pm-5pm at Newport Hills

(More information on diving specific expectations will be given at practice. For questions about diving, please contact Penny Yantis at [email protected])

Parent Meeting: An all Fall sports parent meeting will be on Thursday, August 29th from 6pm-8pm at MIHS. Every family should have at least one parent attend. 

Team Meeting: On Friday, August 30th from 3pm-9pm we will have a mandatory team meeting at MIHS is a room to be announced. I recognize that is a busy day already with fees/photos and bridges training for some, but this is a really important meeting for our team that will include something fun that we have never done before. This is not optional. Please adjust your schedules to attend.

Meet Schedule: Our meet schedule will be posted to the Meet Schedule and Results page over the upcoming days and weeks. The schedule will not be considered firm and may change up through the end of the first week of practice so please consider it tentative until then. Continue to check for updates.

Looking forward to a really FUN season! Can't wait to get started. :-)

Updated on 8/7/13 at 2:00pm.



Congratulations to the 200 Freestyle Relay consisting of Alex Seidel, Christina Williamson, Sabrina Kwan and Grace Wold on being named NISCA High School All-Americans! In addition to her swim on the 200 Freestyle Relay, Grace was also named an All-American for her swim in the 200 IM.

Great job! Hopefully more national recognition for our teams still to come!

Updated on 7/3/13 at 2:01am.

Lifeguard Course and WISCA Application

Lifeguard Course: For those of you interested in lifeguarding anywhere this summer, here is information on a lifeguard course being offered at MICC starting April 19th.

WISCA Scholarship Application: All graduating seniors should take a look at this link: for information on the WISCA scholarship. I would highly suggest that each of our athletes apply. The application deadline has been extended to April 30th.

Updated 4/9/13 at 1:01pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: State Championships Results - 2nd place!!

Congrats to the Boys Swim and Dive team on their second place finish at the state meet yesterday!  It was an exciting day filled with great performances from our swimmers and divers!  Congrats to the 200 Freestyle Relay of Noah Deiparine, Brandt Waesche, Karl Maclane and Ian Caldwell on their first place finish.  Congrats are also due to the 400 Freestyle Relay consisting to Noah Deparine, Brandt Waesche, Ian Caldwell and Andrew Weiss on their first place finish.

I am so proud of this group. We really proved a lot of people wrong about our team throughout the season. I am looking forward to celebrating all of our accomplishments at the banquet in a little over a week.  See you all then!!!

Updated on 2/17/13 at 5:41pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: State Championships start TOMORROW!

Those boys competing at the State meet are excused from class on Friday, February 15th all day.  Those looking to ride the bus to support the team are excused from class at 11:15am on Friday, February 15th.  THE BUS WILL LEAVE FROM MARY WAYTE POOL AT 11:30AM.  Those boys competing should be at Mary Wayte by 10am for a brief warmup before getting on the bus for the meet.  Reminder to those competing - bring a chair!

Warmups for the meet are at 1:30pm and the meet starts at 2:30pm on both Friday and Saturday.  Admission is charged for all who are not competing (even if you were on the team this season).  Only those competing are allowed on the deck during the meet.

If you have any other questions about this weekends competition, please check out

This is an exciting time for our entire team.  Please come and show those participating in this meet your support.

Go Islanders!

Updated 2/14/13 at 10:50am.

Boys Swim/Dive: Post-Season Awards

Some members of the team have yet to vote for the awards given at the banquet at the conclusion of the season.  Because the awards need to be ordered with ample time to have them ready for the banquet, the only remaining opportunity to vote for Most Inspirational, Most Improved, the Frank Ceteznik Award and for the 2013-14 captains will be Wednesday at Mary Wayte from 2:30-3:15pm. 

Updated on 2/12/13 at 2:11pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: 2013 State Team

Congrats to our state team qualifiers this season!

200 Medley Relay
200 Free: Caldwell, Gore
200 IM: Koontz, Conger, Chong
50 Free: Weiss, Maclane, Waesche, Peterson
Diving: Hall, Nielson
100 Fly:  Koontz, Ralph, Maclane
100 Free: Weiss, Deiparine, Caldwell, Waesche
500 Free: Martinez, Conger
200 Free Relay
100 Back: Ralph, Chong, T. Larkin
100 Breast: Deiparine, Martinez, Fukuda
400 Free Relay

A total of 29 total performance qualifications for the team!

Updated on 2/10/13 at 5:04pm.

Boys Swim/DIve: SeaKing District 2 Champs!

Way to go, Islanders!  Congrats on a District team title. Lots of great swims and dives over two days!  Special congrats to our district champions - Cody Hall (Diving), Andrew Weiss (50 Free, 100 Free), and our 200 Free Relay (Noah Deiparine, Brandt Waesche, Karl Maclane and Ian Caldwell).  In addition to those amazing performances, we were able to qualify an additional 8 swims for the state meet over two days!  Couldn't be more proud of the number of best times and performances produced by the team.

An official state team roster will be posted later today.

Congratulations to all who participated this season!  YOU are an important part of making all members of the team better!

Updated on 2/10/13 at 3:33pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Districts Meet

UPDATED as of 1:37pm:

Thanks for your patience. Chlorine levels have been fine for days at Mary Wayte and your child's health is not in danger. A different issue arose at Mary Wayte yesterday/today separate from earlier this week.

I can tell you from experience that dealing with unexpected pool issues is not fun...especially if there is a meet scheduled. OCA's pool staff has been terrific in communicating and really doing their best to work through what is going on.

It does not appear that we will have to cancel today's meet at this time, so please be ready for the first races to begin at 5:15pm!  Thank you!




The districts meet is happening as scheduled today.  Please ONLY trust information coming directly from me and not what you may read on the school district website or from others.  I am in constant contact with both pool management and school management on this issue.

Updated on 2/8/13 at 12:07pm.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Districts and Post-Season Voting!

Districts:  Prelims for the SeaKing District Meet are tomorrow starting at 4:15pm at Mary Wayte.  All members of the 2012-13 team should plan to attend.  Please note that there is an admission fee for the event and parking will be limited on site.

Those participating in the District Meet should leave class at 2:45pm tomorrow.  THIS IS A CHANGE TO WHAT WE PREVIOUSLY DISCUSSED.

Post - Season Voting:  Post season voting should be turned in tomorrow between 3pm and 4pm at Mary Wayte Pool, as members of the team are expected to attend the meet anyways.  Coaches will have the ballots on hand and will not accept any awards ballots after 4pm tomorrow so they can concentrate on the athletes competing.  Please be prompt in turning your sheets in.

This is a very exciting time for our athletes still competing for the team.  Let's show them some support and cheer them on to best times and great performances!  Go Islanders!!

Updated on 2/7/13 at 5:31pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Kingco Championships!

Kingco Finals:  Great job to all of those who competed over the past two days!  We were able to claim a Kingco Championship Meet win with all of your combined efforts!  Lots of things to do over the next few days.  Congrats to Karl Maclane for winning the 50 Freestyle and also to the 200 Free Relay comprised of Noah Deiparine, Karl Maclane, Brandt Waesche and Ian Caldwell for their Kingco Championship win and meet record!  David Conger (200 IM) and Sam Chong (200 IM) were both able to pick up state qualifying times today as well.  Overall, LOTS of best times and LOTS of swims where I saw you all start to gut through!  Finals results can be found here.

Districts:  Those competing at districts should attend practice on Monday afternoon.  A district lineup will be posted at some point on Sunday.

Updated 2/2/13 at 10:03pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Kingco Prelims Results

Results are now posted from today's prelims sesson!  Check them out here.

Competing for Mercer Island in tomorrow's finals session:

200 Medley Relay (T. Larkin, Fukuda, Martinez, Hanson)
200 Free: Deiparine, Koontz, Gore, Apodaca
200 IM: Chong, Conger, Fukuda, T. Larkin
50 Free: Maclane, Waesche, Peterson, Caldwell
100 Fly: Litzow, Caldwell, J. Larkin
100 Free: Deiparine, Ralph, Chong, Peterson
500 Free: Martinez, X. Lacrampe, Swaya, Apodaca
200 Free Relay (Deiparine, Maclane, Waesche, Caldwell)
100 Back: T. Larkin, Ralph, Gore, Litzow
100 Breast: Martinez, Conger
400 Free Relay: Deiparine, Caldwell, Chong, Waesche

The bus for tomorrow's meet will leave at 1:15pm.  All athlete that have competed during our season are welcome (and strongly encouraged) to attend.  Please help us pack the stands for finals!

Warmup starts at 2:30pm and the meet at 3:45pm.  Please be mindful that there will be 18 teams and their fans at the meet tomorrow as well and seating can sometimes get crowded.  Also, 520 is closed this weekend, so be prepared for delays on I-90, I-5 and 520 at the UW exit.

Updated at 2/2/13 at 12:15am.

Calling all parents!!!

We are in desperate need of two-three people to help take tickets and sell heat sheets during tomorrow's prelims session.  If you are available to help, please email Chauntelle at [email protected] ASAP.  There are two positions that are actually paid by Kingco. 

Thanks for you attention.

Updated at 1/31/13 at 8:50pm.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Kingco Prelims TOMORROW!

Kingco:  The start of the post-season is upon us and Kingco Prelims are TOMORROW!  Please get out of class at 11:45am and onto the bus at 11:55am.  Lunch will be provided to you by your awesome parents.  Warmup starts promptly at 1pm and the meet starts at 2pm.  Parents and non-competing athletes, please remember that there is an admission price for the meet!  We are the 1st of 2 sessions tomorrow.  Results will be posted late Friday night or early Saturday morning for those who qualify for finals.

This is an exciting time of the season.  All of your hardwork is going to start paying off very very soon!  Hang in there with us. GO ISLANDERS!

Updated 1/31/13 at 12:36pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Congratulations, Cody and Connor!

Congrats to Cody Hall and Connor Nielson!!  They both posted scores high enough to qualify for the State Swim and Dive meet!  We are proud of you both!!

Go Islanders!

Updated 1/30/13 at 11:19am.

Boys Swim/Dive: Roosevelt Tomorrow

Bus leaves at 2:15pm!  Please be on time!  :-)

Updated on 1/24/13 at 8:42pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: JFK Results Posted

Results:  Meet results from last night's meet are now posted.  We have a lot of work to do over these next 10 days to prepare for the Kingco meet.  Our focus needs to continue to be the little things and we should swim to our best ability - not to the ability of our opponent whether they be faster or slower than we are.  Let regain our focus during practices.

Updated 1//23/13 at 11:51am.

Boys Swim/Dive: Results

Garfield Results:  Thanks for the effort from those who competed against Garfield.  Not our best showing of the season, but definitely a great learning experience for us all.  Congrats to Rileigh Gruetert for earning the meet's gold cap!! 

Post Season:  We will have an in-depth conversation and question/answer on post-season meets coming on Thursday at the beginning of practice. 

A few important points to think about before our chat: events at the state meet are the same for the district meet; you must have a district qualifying time to be eligible for the district team; only one relay per school competes at the district and state meet; you must have a kingco qualifying time to swim at the kingco meet. 

Feel free to ask me any other questions via email or at practice before Thursday.  To see where you fall in our team rankings, a top times report is now posted on the Program Info page under the gold cap qualifiers.

Senior Night Tomorrow!  We will be celebrating our seniors tomorrow during our last home meet of the 2012-13 season!  All seniors (whether competing or not) are being honored during our home meet break after the 50 free and before the 100 fly!  Seniors, please bring me a sheet of paper with the following: Name, Plans for next year, Number of years on the team, Advice for the remaining Fr, So, and Jrs.

Updated 1/21/13 at 6:34pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Updates

Tomorrow:  Entries are now posted for tomorrow's meet.  Bus leaves at 2:15pm from the high school.  Normal morning practice schedule for Friday.

Monday: Morning practice on Monday will be from 5:30-7am ONLY for those who do not attend the meet on Friday or attend practice on Friday morning and are hoping to swim in our last home meet on Tuesday!!  There will be weights on Tuesday morning as scheduled.  If you have questions, please email me.  I would rather clear up the expectation set now instead of have you miss the meet.

Skyline Meet:  Decent day of competition from the group!  We are starting to fight through the end of our races a little better than earlier in the season.  This will continue to be important as we enter our final meets of the season.  Gold cap went to Jack Larkin for his efforts!

Updated on 1/17/13 at 5:51pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Results posted

Bainbridge:  Results from our win vs Bainbridge last Tuesday are now posted!  Great first meet after a few weeks off!!

Bellevue:  Results from our loss against Bellevue are now posted.  Good effort from the team, but I think we fell just short of our true potential on the day of the meet.  Lots of upside for us as we head into these last few dual meets of the season!  Congrats to Brandt Waesche (50 Free) and Ian Caldwell (100 Free) on their state qualifying times!

Kentridge Invitational:  Results from out team's 2nd place finish at the Kentridge Invitational are now posted!  We were the top team from Washington finishing behind a prep team from Nebraska in the standings.  Best meet of the season and great performances all around!  Congrats to Karl Maclane (50 Free) and Brandt Waesche (100 Free) for their state qualifying times.  I couldn't be more proud of your efforts!

Skyline Entries:  Now posted!  Those participating should leave class at 2:05pm and the bus will leave at 2:15pm.  Warmup will start at 3:00pm and the meet will begin with diving at 3:15pm.  We will be back on the bus heading home by 5:15pm.

Team Pictures Thursday:  Team pictures will be on Thursday at 3:30pm at Mary Wayte.  Please wear jeans and your gray team t-shirt.  We will have practice after team pictures.

Friday at Garfield:  Entries for our meet against Garfield will be posted very late Thursday evening.  Please talk with coaches at practice to confirm your participation in Friday's away meet.

Finals:  I understand that you all have a very busy and challenging week in front of you, but I urge you to keep your practice attendance as normal as possible.  Practice is a great place to give your mind a rest from all of your studying over these next few days.  Exercise actually increases your energy levels and helps keep your brain alert and awake!  Please really consider all of your hard work both in the classroom and in the pool as you put together your schedule for the week.

Updated 1/14/13 at 9:18pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Updates!!!

Bainbridge Meet:  NOW POSTED. Includes a few names of kids who did NOTnot attend practice today and have been pulled from the meet.  Please check the heat sheet tomorrow for final confirmation of events.  (9:27pm)

Wednesday:  Morning practice on Wednesday will start at 6am instead of 5:30am and afternoon practice will be from 2:30-4pm for ALL swimmers.  If you can come in the afternoon on Wednesday instead of the morning, please do.  No shoes on Wednesday this week.

Bellevue Meet:  Entries for Bellevue's meet will also be posted at noon on Thursday.  If you are interested in your events prior to that, talk with a coach.  If you are at practice on Wednesday, expect to participate on Thursday.  No weights Thursday morning.

Friday:  Those swimmers attending the Kentridge Invitational should avoid morning practice if possible (come at 6am for those of you who must).  All other swimmers have a normal practice day with one change: SHOES WILL BE ON FRIDAY THIS WEEK INSTEAD OF WEDNESDAY.

Kentridge Invitational:  Our departure time is TBA and will be announced on Wednesday.  Please take a look at the timeline posted to the meet schedule and results page, as well as double check your events.  Some of you were entered exhibition in a race or two to fill out your lineup so the entry list is a bit different.  Double check the psych sheet. 

LOTS going on this week, but you bo

Boys Swim/Dive: Wednesday, January 2 practice times

I am happy to announce that we will have NORMAL WEDNESDAY practice times on January 2nd at Mary Wayte pool!!  Remember, bring shoes to all workouts (starting at 5:30am, 2:30pm and 4pm).

Kentridge Invite Entries will be finalized on Thursday and posted on Friday with details for the day.


Updated 1/1/13 at 9:45pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Tuesday, January 1 practice time

Practice on Tuesday, January 1will be from 7pm-9pm at MICC.  Information updates on Wednesday's practice time will be announced at practice.

Updated 12/31/12 at 4:17pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Monday, December 31 practice time

Practice on Monday, December 31 will be from 9am-11am at MICC.  More information to come on Tuesday's practice time (which will be in the afternoon/evening) and location.

Updated 12/29/12 at 6:41pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Updated Schedule - Part 2

Practices on Friday, December 28 and Saturday, December 29 are cancelled.

We will have practice on Monday, December 31 as scheduled and on Tuesday, January 1 at a time to be determined.

Thanks for your patience as we work through scheduling and facility availability.

Updated 12/27/12 at 1:46pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Updated Schedule/Workouts

Updated Practice Schedule:
Friday, December 21 - 2pm-4pm; Mary Wayte Pool 
Saturday, December 22 - 9am-11am; MICC

Monday, December 24 - 9am-11am; MICC
Tuesday, December 25 - No Practice
Wednesday, December 26 - 9am-11am; MICC
Thursday, December 27 - 9am-11am; MICC; 11:30am Weights
Friday, December 28 - 9am-11am; Location TBD
Saturday, December 29 - 9am-11am; Mary Wayte Pool

Monday, December 31 - 9am-11am; Mary Wayte Pool
Tueday, January 1 - No Practice
Wednesday, January 2 - Normal Wednesday Schedule

Workouts:  Here are some workouts for those of you out of town that have an opportunity to swim while you are away. 1   2   3   4

Happy Holidays!

Updated 12/21/12 at 9:52am and 12/26/12 at 2:22pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Meet Results - Liberty

Results:  Good performances today! We still have more work to do to reach our potential, but today's meet showed growth from last week's swims and shows me that you took our talk last week to heart. Great effort.  Congrats to Noah Deiparine (200 IM) and Duncan Koontz (200 Free) for their state qualifying times today.  For his swims, Noah Deiparine earned today's gold cap.

Wednesday: Don't forget to bring shoes to practice tomorrow!  This includes the morning workout.

Thursday:  You boys BEGGED me for a weight program, but our attendance isn't reflecting your desire.  Please make the weight program a priority.  Lifting at the end of the end of the season will do you NO good.

Top Times:  Except our first top times report of the season to be posted later this week.

Kentridge Invitational:  The following boys are being considered to compete as the Kentridge Invitational:  Apodaca, Caldwell, Chong, Conger, Deiparine, Fukuda, Gore, Hanson, Hopkins, Koontz, T. Larkin, Litzow, MacLane, Martinez, Peterson, Ralph, Swaya, Waesche, Weiss.  Not all of you are guarenteed to compete as of 12/18/12, but please keep the Kentridge Invitational date open (1/12/13).  A finalized list will be posted after the first of the year and may/may not include this exact list of boys.  If you have questions, please see Chauntelle.

Updated 12/18/12 at 6:03pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Winter Break Practice Schedule

Due to Mary Wayte closing for part of winter break, we have a change in our original practice schedule for that time.  Our practices are as follows:

Thursday, December 20 - 3:30-5:30pm; Mary Wayte Pool
Friday, December 21 - 2-4pm; Mary Wayte Pool
Saturday, December 22 - 9am-11am; MICC

Monday, December 24 - 9am-11am; MICC
Tuesday, December 25 - No Practice
Wednesday, December 26 - 9am-11am; MICC
Thursday, December 27 - 9am-11am; Location TBD
Friday, December 28 - 9am-11am; Location TBD
Saturday, December 29 - 9am-11am; Mary Wayte Pool

Monday, December 31 - 9am-11am; Mary Wayte Pool
Tueday, January 1 - No Practice
Wednesday, January 2 - Normal Wednesday Schedule

Thanks for your patience as we worked through scheduling pool time!

Updated 12/17/12 at 12:15pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Meet Results

Results: Now posted.  After taking a second look at the results, there was a scoring error and we did win tonight's meet against Issaquah.  Congrats to Noah Deiparine (50 Free) and Sam Chong (100 Breast) for their state qualifying times.  For his efforts today, Sam Chong was awarded the gold cap.  While there were some bright spots to the meet, we have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks of the season to improve upon today's meet performances.

Wednesday:  Please remember to bring shoes for tomorrow's practices (including AM).

Thursday:  We will have an all-team meeting starting at 3:30pm upstairs at Mary Wayte pool.  Please be on time.  We will have swimming practice after the meeting has concluded.  There are still weights on Thursday am.

Updated 12/11/12 at 9:26pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Home Meet Tomorrow!

Lineup: Please check what events you are entered in tonight.  There may be some adjustments tomorrow, but this lineup is pretty close to finalized as of now.  Wear MIHS swim/dive attire to school tomorrow and hustle to the pool right after school - warmup time is limited (as I am sure some of you noticed last meet) so I want you all to be ready for your swims and dives!

See you tomorrow.

Updated 12/10/12 at 8:20pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: GREAT meet!

Meet Results:  Check the meet schedule and results page for the results (with splits) of today's meet.  I am so proud of the effort put forth by the entire team today that lead to a team win.  We had lots of Kingco times and some District and State time as well!  This was much improved from our racing last week.  I am looking forward to us being even better at our next meet!  Congrats to our state qualifiers from today's meet - David Conger (500 Free), Noah Deiparine (100 Free, 100 Breast), and Andrew Weiss (50 Free, 100 Free).  Our medley and 200 freestyle relays also qualified for the state meet today.  For his swims during today's meet, Levi Larkin earned the gold cap. 

Tomorrow:  Normal practice schedule tomorrow.  We are improving everyday!  Don't give up on the workouts and the training you have done. 

Clothing:  If any of you were unable to order a jacket or sweats are interested in one, please email me immediately.  I have a limited number of extra items in a limited number of sizes available that I will distribute at a first email, first served basis.

Wednesdays:  Please bring shoes EVERY Wednesday unless coaches direct you otherwise!  We had quite a few boys forget yesterday about shoes.  This includes morning practice.

Practice Attitude/Attendance:  Practice starts when a coach walks on the deck no earlier that 3:30pm.  Be prepared, behind the blocks with your cap on and goggles in hand prior to this time.  Athletes coming late to practice from here on will suffer the consequences of missing yards.  This is not an option.  This also goes for attitudes and effort during workouts.  We ALL need to come into practice wanting to get better.  Your personal goals and our team goals cannot be reached if we don't chip away at them each and every day. 

Weight Training:  We are back in the weight room on Tuesday morning at 6:15am with Coach Zach.  I promise those that attend will see big improvements this season. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at practices tomorrow!

Updated 12/6/12 at 9:27pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Thursday!

Newport Meet:  We will start the meet tomorrow at 3:30pm with diving.  Please HUSTLE over quickly after school so you are able to get some warm-up in prior to the meet.  We will clear the pool at 3:25pm for a team meeting.

Please wear MI clothing to school tomorrow (it does not have to be this year's items if you have not yet received them).

Weights:  There is NO weight training program tomorrow morning.  We will resume as scheduled next Tuesday at 6:15am.

Updated 12/5/12 at 5:07pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Weights Start Tomorrow

Weight Training:  Optional (but STRONGLY encouraged) weight training with Coach Zach starts tomorrow morning at the MIHS weight room.  The sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15-7am. 

Meet Results:  I am still waiting for meet results from Friday's meet.  Once I get them, I promise they will be posted. Patience is a virtue...right?!  :-)

Updated 12/3/12 at 12:01pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Great Job, Boys!

Meet Results:  Good job to those who competed yesterday at Ballard!  We were able to get our first dual meet win of the season.  Congrats to Duncan Koontz who qualified for state in the 100 fly and to Austin Ralph for earning the season's first gold cap.  We have lots to work on still for this season, but it was a good place to begin.

Complete meet results will be posted on the Meet Schedule and Results page once they are avaliable.

See you all at practice on Monday!

Updated 12/1/12 at 5:55pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: First Meet Tomorrow

At Ballard Tomorrow:  The meet lineup for tomorrow's meet at Ballard will be posted tonight during the 8pm hour.  Please keep checking the site to see if you are competing.  For those competing, you are to get out of class at 2:10pm and the bus will leave promptly at 2:20pm.  Traffic coming out of Seattle on Fridays is typically slow, so plan to be home after 6pm.  PLEASE WEAR BUTTON UP SHIRTS, TIES, AND DRESS PANTS TO SCHOOL TOMORROW. 

Practice:  There have been a growing number of unnecessary tardies to practice this week during all workouts.  Please get to the pool on time and get in for practice when the coaches start the workout.  Thanks.

Updated on 11/29/12 at 10:15am.

Boys Swim/Dive: First Meet This Friday!

First Meet this Friday at Ballard!  The meet lineup for this week's meet will be determined by those who have turned in their goal sheets to Chauntelle by Wednesday afternoon's practice  AND have 10 days of practice before the first meet.  If you have any questions, see a coach.  Looking forward to getting to compete against other teams!  We had a good first few weeks, but have a long way to go before we reach our goals.  Let's stay focused!

Updated 11/26/12 at 12:45pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Time Trials Results and Wednesday Practice

Time Trials:  Good swims today from those of you at time trials!  Results can be found here.  Really nice start to the season.

Wednesday Practice:  Same time as last week on Wednesday!  Please be sure that you bring shoes to kick with for ALL workouts tomorrow!  See you all at the pool!

Updated 11/20/12 at 5:58pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Parent/Player Survey

Fall Sport Survey

Student-athletes who participated in a fall sport, along with their parents, are encouraged to complete the MIHS Athletic Survey. We want to ensure that we are providing the best athletic opportunities to all of our athletes and your feedback will help us make improvements and acknowledge the incredible work our coaches do!

Please complete the survey by Nov. 15, 2012.
Updated 11/12/12 at 12:19pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: 3A STATE CHAMPS!!!!

Congrats to all of our girls who participated this season to help the team reach our goal of repeating as state champs!  Special congrats to those girls who competed at the state meet. 

A few meet highlights: 

-  school records in the 200 Medley Relay (Cox, Fisk, Kwan, Williamson), 200 IM (Grace Wold), 200 Free Relay (Seidel, Williamson, Kwan, Wold), and 400 Free Relay (Hoffman, Seidel, Deiparine, Wold)
-  ALL CLASSIFICATION STATE RECORD in the 200 Free Relay (Seidel, Williamson, Kwan, Wold)
-  Automatic All-American qualfying time in the 200 IM from Grace Wold
-  Relay State Titles on the 200 Free and 400 Free Relays
-  Individual State Title for Sabrina Kwan in 100 Fly
-  16 top 8 finishes
-  18 State Meet Participants!

I can't wait to celebrate all of our seasons' accomplishment at our team banquet on Thursday!!

Updated 11/12/12 at 9:09am.

Boys Swim/Dive: Practice starts TODAY!!!

Practice starts today from 3-5:30pm at Mary Wayte pool!  Only those boys who have turned in their paperwork and are on my roster OR have a pink clearance slip from the Athletic office will be permitted to swim during today's practice.  See you soon!

Updated 11/12/12 at 8:32am.

Girls Swim/Dive: State Championships Information

State Championships this Friday and Saturday at KCAC in Federal Way!  All members of the MIHS swim and dive program (girls AND boys) are encouraged to attend the state championship meet this weekend in Federal Way.  Prelims on Friday will start at 2:30pm and Finals will begin at 2:30pm on Saturday.  Let's pack the stands with MAROON!!  Cost of admission is $9 for adults, $7 for students with valid ASB card and seniors.  If you are coming both days, all tournament passes are $15 for adults and $10 for students with a valid ASB card and seniors.

Members of the MIHS Girls Swim and Dive program are strongly encouraged to ride the bus with the team.  We will leave Mary Wayte Pool on Friday at 11:30amd leave from MIHS on Saturday at noon.  Students riding the bus but not participating in the state meet will still need to bring money for admission.  On Saturday, we will be stopping for dinner on the way home.

Our girls have worked so hard this season - let's really give them the support they deserve at the state meet!

Updated on 11/8/12 at 2:30pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Packets Due!

Get your athletic packets turned in ASAP!  We are missing over 30 boys who I know are planning to participate but have not gotten their packets in yet!  Please get them in on Monday!

Practice Schedule Change:  The day after Thanksgiving practice time has been changed to 10am-noon instead of 8am-10am.  Please note this change on your calendars.

Girls State Meet:  All boys team members should attend the girls state swim and dive meet (finals) on Saturday.  Contact any of the captains for more information and plan to attend. 

Updated on 11/4/12 at 6:45pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: SeaKing District 2 Champions!

Great job, girls!  All of you who competed this weekend at the SeaKing District Championship represented MIHS well!  Congrats to our District Champions, Kristin Hoffman (100 Free) and Sabrina Kwan (100 Fly).  Hats off to our relays this weekend as well!  Lots of great swims and dives that have set us up for great performances next weekend as well!

Below is our state team lineup:
200 Free - Hoffman, Cox, Seidel, Riggins
200 IM - Wold, Deiparine, Olsen, Larkin
50 Free - Kwan, Seaton, Williamson
Diving - Lindsay, O. Cero, MIchaels
100 Fly - Kwan, Wold, Cookson, Olsen
100 Free - Hoffman, Seidel, Williamson, Godfred
500 Free - Cookson, Fisk, Riggins
100 Back - Cox, Larkin, Godfred
100 Breast - Fisk, Deiparine, Marques

See you all tomorrow!

Updated on 11/4/12 at 6:47pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Congrats, girls!

Great job on Saturday at Kingco Finals!  Lots of solid swims from everyone!  Congrats to our girls who set meet records (Grace Wold - 100 Back and 400 Free Relay - Wold, Fisk, Deiparine and Kwan).  We finished 200 points ahead of the 2nd place team, Newport!  What an effort by the group and a great first weekend of post-season racing.

Our district team should be sure to get plenty of rest over the next few days in preparation for the district meet being held at Mary Wayte Pool this weekend.  All girls on the MIHS team shoudl attend the finals session on Saturday.

Awards: Post-season awards voting will happen on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 at 3:15pm.  Please be there on time to get your vote in for the post-season awards that will be handed out at our team banquest on Thursday, November 15th.


Happy Halloween!!!


(thanks to Erin McAllister for the photo!) 

Updated on 10/31/12 at 11:39am.

Girls Swim/Dive: Prelims Results Now Posted!

Good performances today, girls! After a first couple of events, everyone seemed to get into the swing of things and the second half of the meet way a great showing from this group!  Proud of you girls rallying around each other and really getting some good performances in.  Some of you ended your season today with a bang!  Way to go! 

 Competing tomorrow are the following girls:

Medley Relay: Cox, Deiparine, Kwan, Seidel
200 Free: Wold, Olson, Fisk, Tse
200 IM: Cox, Kwan, White, Cookson
50 Free: Williamson, Hoffman, Hatsukami
Diving (Finals held on Friday): Linsday (2nd), Cero (16th), Michaels (20th)
100 Fly: Seidel, Deiparine, Larkin, Koksu
100 Free: Kwan, Hoffman, Cookson, Williamson
500 Free: Cox, Olson, Larkin, Baker
200 Free Relay: Seidel, Wold, Seaton, Williamson
100 Back: Wold, Deiparine, Seidel, Fisk
100 Breast: Marques, Raisys, Godfred, Na
400 Free Relay: Wold, Fisk, Deiparine, Kwan

Girls competing tomorrow are encouraged to swim on Saturday before getting on the bus as some point.  A meet warmup is suggested.

All girls who were a part of the MIHS team this season are encouraged to be on the bus with the team tomorrow at 1:30pm as we leave for finals!  We need our teammates and fans to push us through the events tomorrow at UW!  See you then!

Updated on 10/26/12 at 11:23pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Kingco TOMORROW!

Friday:  For tomorrow's meet at UW, please leave class at Noon.  The bus will leave at 12:10pm.  Our warmup time is from 1-1:30pm.  The meet is scheduled to conclude just before 5:30pm.

Saturday:  Kingco Finals will begin at 3:45pm with warmup at 2:30pm and the bus leaving MIHS at 1:30pm.  All MIHS Girls Swim and Dive team members are welcome on the bus for Finals on Saturday - regardless of whether you are competing or not.

You girls have put in so much work this season.  I am really looking forward to these upcoming days of swimming and diving for you all!

Updated 10/25/12 at 12:50pm.

Calling all Boys Swim/Dive athletes!!

We will have a pre-season meeting on Monday, October 29th at 3:15pm in room 203/205 at MIHS.  This meeting should last no longer than 15 minutes.  Please make every effort to attend if you are planning to swim or dive this fall for the MIHS boys swim and dive program.

This meeing gives me a good guideline of what our coaching staff should look like for the season, so please attend! 

Interested in being a manager for the boys team?  There has been a lot of interest from numerous people wanting to help with the boys season.  If you are interested, please submit a letter of application (no longer than one page) stating why you are interested in being a manager for the boys swim and dive team by Monday, October 29th via email to Chauntelle OR in person during girls practices for the remainder of this week OR on Monday, October 29th at the boys pre-season meeting.  Only those applicants submitting a letter will be considered.

Updated 10.23.12 at 6:32pm.

Congrats, Girls Swim and Dive!  Kingco 3A Dual Meet Champs!

Good performances for everyone who competed today at our final dual meet of the season!  We were named the 2012 3A Girls Swim and Dive Dual Meet Champs for the Kingco League for your efforts today and throughout the season!  Way to go!  Emily Olsen (500 Free) and Danielle Deiparine (50 Free) added another state qualfying event to their resume for the season while Alex Seidel qualified for state in the 100 Breast to earn her the designation Ironwoman (qualifying for state in all 8 individual swims)!  For her swims today, Danielle Deiparine earned the gold cap.

I am so proud of all your performances during the year!  You have all come a long way since our first few dual meets; I couldn't be more excited for the upcoming weekends of swimming and diving!  Great job, Islanders!

Updated 10.23.12 at 6:41pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Tuesday Against Juanita and Other Updates

Tuesday:  Meet entries for tomorrow's meet are now posted.  Remember, we have FOUR teams competing at one time tomorrow - we are only competing against Juanita and Newport is competing against Inglemoor.  We have VERY limited event space - thus the limited lineup.  Those of you competing tomorrow  should note that warm-up will start at 2:30pm and conclude at 3:30pm.  We will have ONE swimming lane for warmup during that entire hour.  The diving board will be open for our divers during that time as well.  For those competing, you will be permitted to leave class at 2:20pm tomorrow to ensure that you get enough time to get to the pool and warmup.  Those NOT competing tomorrow who are able to attend another workout (a modified one that reflects that you are on a taper) should do so.  Those not able to do a workout tomorrow should come to the meet to cheer on the remainder of the team.  Diving will happen after the 50 free during its natural break during a meet.

Wednesday:  If you are resting this week, please do NOT come to practice on Wednesday morning or Friday morning.  Like last week, we will only have practice in the afternoon starting at 2:30pm.

Updated on 10.22.12 at 8:32pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Homecoming

Just a friendly reminder that there is no practice this afternoon - we will have practice tomorrow morning from 9am-11am at Mary Wayte so you can all enjoy the afternoon's Homecoming activities.

In the midst of all that is homecoming these next two days, please remember that you signed an athletic code at the beginning of the season.  You have put in a lot of work this year and to have your season ended because of a poor choice would be devestating to the team, the coaching staff and your family.  If you find yourself in a situation that you know you should not be in, please remove yourself quickly.  If you need help, contact a teammate or your parents immediately.

I know that you all value your team and the commitment you have made to this program and to representing the MIHS athletic department in a positive manner.  Thanks for being sure your actions reflect those values.

Updated 10/19/12 at 2:36pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Roosevelt Meet

Friday:  Normal morning practice time and 2:25 bus leaves (2:15pm out of class) for tomorrow's meet.  If you aren't competing tomorrow, please use the time to get some homework done and get some rest!!  Next week will be a tough one, so use this gift of time wisely.  :-)

GREAT practice today, girls!  I am so proud of you all!  Keep working hard!

Updated at 10/11/12 at 9:06pm.

GIrls Swim/Dive: MI at Skyline

Skyline:  Another great win for the team yesterday against Skyline!  Continuing good swims and dives from the group!  Congrats to our gold cap for the meet, Angela Riggins! 

Friday:  The meet lineup for Friday will be posted tomorrow evening!  Please check back to see if you are participating then.

Updatd 10/10/12 at 12:45pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Results and Entries!

Garfield:  Results from our meet against Garfield are FINALLY posted!!!  Congrats to our state qualifiers Caitlin Cox (50 Free), Sabrina Kwan (200 IM) and Alex Seidel (500 Free).  For her swims on Friday, Marlo Caferelli earned the gold cap!  Great job to everyone who helped lead the team to another win!

Skyline:  We are competing against the 2009, 2010 and 2011 4A State Champs - Skyline - tomorrow.  For those competing, the bus will leave at 2:20pm (out of class at 2:10pm).  We have a small group going tomorrow.  The meet will start at 3:15pm with diving and we will HAVE to be done by 5pm.  The events will go quickly, so check out if you are competing and be ready to go! 

Not competing tomorrow? It isn't necessarily because of something you did - it is more about getting some extra chances to get into the post-season for some of your teammates.  Please don't feel slighted. Take this opportunity to attend your club swim workout or enjoy an afternoon away from the pool.  It is a great opportunity to get some homework completed or to rest up for the remainder of the week. 

Tomorrow's meet is a great opportunity for some of our athletes to reach some of their in season goals and qualify for the kingco meet!  Good luck to all of those looking to qualify for the post-season.

Updated 10/8/12 at 8:37pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: MI at Garfield

Tomorrow:  Those competing in tomorrow's meet at Garfield should leave class at 2:25pm.  The bus will leave promptly at 2:35pm. 

Updated 10/4/12 at 8:02pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Fantastic Meet!

Results:  Meet results are posted.  GREAT performances today in every event!  This was a fantastic way to send our seniors out for their last regular season dual meet at Mary Wayte Pool.  Congratulations to Leah Fisk (200 Free) and Sabrina Kwan (50 Free) for their state qualifying swims!  For her efforts today, Alex Seidel earned our gold cap!

All across the board, today's meet really showed our depth and strength.  You girls did a fantastic job of fighting through the end of your swims and also through your final events!  This was our best showing this season!

Team Pictures:  Team photos are tomorrow.  If you want to take an individual photo, you can take one tomorrow as well.  I am asking that all girls arrive at the pool ready to be staged for photos at 2:20pm with your team suit and team shorts on.  If you don't have team shorts, it is okay.  If you don't have a team suit, please wear a dark plain colored suit with dark straps.  We will do a short warm-up and play the 50s game after our photos.  I forgot to hand out forms yesterday and forgot to bring them today (DOH!), so if you are interested in ordering, please bring a blank check (signed) with you to practice tomorrow.

Updated 10/2/12 at 8:51pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Congrats, Meg!

Diving:  Congrats, Meg, on qualifying to compete at the state championship meet!  Way to go!

Senior Night Tomorrow:  All seniors should bring Chauntelle a sheet of paper with the following items written on it prior to warm-up tomorrow - 1. Name; 2. How many years on the team; 3. Plans for next year (Major?) 4. Favorite Swim/Dive Memory in 12 words or less.

Entries for tomorrow are now posted.  Please remember that for the remainder of the season, we are dealing with very limited entry space for events - don't be disappointed if you are in less events than typical for tomorrow!  Let's keep going after Kingco, District and State qualifying times!

The meet will start promptly at 3:30pm with diving, followed by our senior recoginition and we will move through events quickly.  Get to the pool for warm-up as quickly as you can after school.

See you at the pool tomorrow!

Updated 10/1/12 at 10:00pm.


Girls Swim/Dive: Updates

Bellevue Meet:  Our best showing as a team so far this season!  I am so proud of today's performances!  Great job, Girls!  Congrats to Kristin Hoffman (100 Free), Emily Olsen (200 IM), Angela Riggins (500 Free) and Christina Williamson (50 Free) for making state times today!  For her swims, Kristin Hoffman earned today's gold cap.

Team Pictures:  Team Pictures will be next Wednesday at 2:30pm at Mary Wayte.  Please wear your team suit for the photo.  Photo forms will be passed out at practice on Monday and at the meet on Tuesday.  We will have practice immediately following pictures.

Schedule:  Practice schedule for the next few days is as usual!  Our final home meet of the season is on Tuesday against Bainbridge.  That will also be our Senior Recognition Night.  Our final three regular season dual meets of the season will be away meets.  With our win tonight, we will have a Kingco Championship Dual Meet at Mary Wayte on October 23rd.  That meet will be for varsity competitiors only. 

Kingco:  As mentioned before, if you have not yet qualified for Kingco, please talk with members of the coaching staff on what events you feel you have the best chance to qualify in.  We have very very limited event space for our final four meets, but we want to help you reach your season goals!

Have a great weekend!

Updated 9/27/12 at 7:22pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Results/Top Times

Results:  Meet results are posted.  Great job overall as a team!  I think today was our strongest showing in a dual meet so far this season because of your attention to detail during your swims.  Things are starting to come together.  Keep doing what you have been doing during workouts!  Special congrats to Belah Terentjev for earning today's gold cap!

Top Times:  Please take a look at the top times reports posted on the Program Info page.  This is very important for those of you looking to qualify for the Kingco meet!  I have posted a sheet with a team ranking and with your times by name.  If you see any standard indication (KING, 3AD, 3AS) next to your time, you are eligible to swim that event at the Kingco meet.  If you do not have that distinction in any event - lets be talking with coaching staff over the next few weeks over what events we feel we can qualfiy to swim at the Kingco Championship meet to be sure we can swim those events in an upcoming meet.

Remember, bring shoes for all workouts tomorrow.

Updated 9/25/12 at 9:18pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Results and Entries

JFK Meet:  Great job last Friday to those who competed against JFK!  We are definitely moving in the right direction as a team and your effort during practice is starting to pay off.  Let's keep it up!  Special congrats to Grace Wold as she has now qualified for the state meet in all 8 individual events.  Also, congrats to our other state qualifier on the day - Caitlin Cox in the 100 Free.  For her great swims and even better attitude during the meet on Friday, Megan O'Kane earned the gold cap.

Entries:  Tomorrow's meet entries are now posted.  THERE WILL LIKELY BE CHANGES TO THE INDIVIUDAL EVENTS LISTED.  Please double check your entries tomorrow once you arrive at the meet.  We will be working with a very tight timeline tomorrow for this meet and likely not to have any breaks, so please be warmed up on time.

See you all tomorrow!

Updated 9/24/12 at 8:41pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Meet Entries

Entries for tomorrow's meet against Kennedy Catholic will be posted tomorrow morning.  If you attended Thursday afternoon practice or Friday morning practice, please expect to participate in tomorrow's meet.

Have a happy Friday!

Updated 9/20/12 at 8:01pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Results now posted!

Good job to those who competed today!  We were able to walk away with a team victory and lots of great times!  Congrats to our state qualfiers - Caitlin Cox (100 Fly), Leah Fisk (200 IM), Emily Olsen (100 Fly), and Grace Wold (50 Free, 100 Breast).  For her excellent swims today, Emily Koksu earned our gold cap! 

Back to work tomorrow!  Normal Wednesday practice schedule.  Please bring shoes for kicking tomorrow.

Updated 9/18/12 at 7:51pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Tuesday's Home Meet

Tomorrow's meet entries are now posted.  These are draft entries!  If there are extensive changes, they will be posted tomorrow monring.  Otherwise, please look for entry sheets to be posted at the meet to double confirm your events.

The meet will start tomorrow promptly at 3:30pm with diving.  The warmup pool will be closed at 3:20pm with our team meeting to follow.  Hustle over from school to allow you enough time to warm up for your events!

Updated 9/17/12 at 8:10pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Live - from Arizona!

The MIHS Girls Swim and Dive team finished 3rd today at the 16th annual Wolves Classic Invitational!  LOTS of state times, LOTS of District times, and LOTS of kingco times!  The girls had a great meet in 98 degree weather for 8+ hours.  Congrats to Masami Cookson for earning today's gold cap!  For full results from the meet, please take a look at hte Meet Schedule and Results page.  To see our state qualifiers list, take a look at the program info page. 

Updated 9/15/12 at 11:13pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Updates for the remainder of the week...

Results:  What a fantastic team effort today against Newport!  Congrats to all of our state qualifiers from today's meet - Caitlin Cox (200 IM), Danielle Deiparine (200 Free, 500 Free), Leah Fisk (100 Breast), Alex Seidel (50 Free, 100 Back) and Grace Wold (100 Free, 100 Back).  For her swims today, Caitlin Cox earned today's gold cap.  SO many Kingco qualifiers today, we couldn't name them all!  Way to go, Islanders!

Rest of the Week:  Practice tomorrow (Wednesday) is as usual.  Thursday practice is from 3:30-4:30pm for those NOT going to the travel trip in Arizona.  Those going to the Arizona meet do not have practice on Thursday and should meet at the airport at 5:15pm as instructed at tonight's meeting.  There is no practice on Friday.  Practice schedule will resume as normal next Monday.

Just a reminder - we had a schedule change for a meet next week!  Our Thursday meet for next week was moved to FRIDAY!  Still a home meet, but just on a different day!  Please plan accordingly.

Updated 9/11/12 at 8:45pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Tuesday Vs Newport


Meet Updates:  Entries for tomorrow's meet against Newport will be posted tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Keep an eye out!  If you were at practice on Monday, you are competing on Tuesday!  Athletes will be permitted to leave class at 2:40pm tomorrow with a Whammo.  Warmup starts at 3pm, the meet will start at 3:30pm with diving going first.  Please do your best not to be late!  :-)

Going to Arizona?  We will have a brief meeting on Tuesday after the conclusion of the meet.  I will pass out important information about our trip - please be sure that a parent and/or a swimmer attends.

Updated 9/10/12 at 8:54pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Great First Meet!

Ballard Results:  Great job to those who participated yesterday against Ballard!  We were able to grab our first dual meet victory of the season as a team and really start the season with some great performances!  Congratulations to our gold cap for the meet - Alicia Nordal!  Also, congratulations to our first state qualifiers for the season - Caitlin Cox (500 Free), Alex Seidel (200 IM, 100 Fly) and all three of our relay events (200 Medley, 200 Free, and 400 Free Relays)! 

SCHEDULE CHANGE:  Due to a scheduling conflict, our meet against Kennedy Cathloic orgininally schedule for Thursday, September 20th has been moved to Friday, September 21st. 

Updated 9/8/12 at 7:31pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Updates

Arizona Travelers and Families:  The Escape from the Rock Triathlon, our critical fundraising event for the trip, is this weekend - Sunday, September 9th.  Be sure you know the time and location of the shifts your family is scheduled to work!  To refresh your memory, please check here:

Optional Practice this Saturday:  We will have an optional practice on Saturday from 9am-11am for those interested in an additional workout this week.  Practice will be held at Mary Wayte. 

Meet at Ballard:  Entries for tomorrow's meet at Ballard are now posted.  Unfortunately, we are working with a limited number of event entries for tomorrow, so not everyone who had 10 practices and turned in their goal sheet will be swimming.  To those of you participating tomorrow, please be on time for the bus - it will leave promptly at 2:20pm.  Please leave class at 2:10pm. 

To those of you not participating tomorrow, you have no practice tomorrow afternoon.  There are still many opportunities to race this season, including our first home meet next Tuesday at MIBC vs Newport.

Team Suits:  Due to the recent weather on the eastern side of the U.S., our team suits and caps will not be here prior to our meet tomorrow.  Our swimwear company is working tirelessly to help us have our suits as soon as possible.

Arizona:  Those of you attending Arizona should be prepared to attend a brief meeting on Tuesday at the conclusion of the meet at MIBC.  Thanks.  

Good luck to all of you participating in the Swim Across America event this weekend!  I couldn't be more proud of you all!

Updated 9/6/12 at 8:46pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Time Trials Results

Time Trials:  For those interested, results from time trials can be found HERE.  Great effort from everyone!  I was really able to see what we have picked up on over the first two weeks of practice and get an idea of what things we should spend more time focusing on.  Your effort did not go unnoticed!  I was very impressed by the fast times already from the group.  Way to go!

Don't forget a couple of items as we start the dual meet portion of our season later this week: Be ready for your races!  No all...during meets. 

Wednesday Swim Practice Schedule:  HERE is the breakdown for Wednesday practices for the remainder of the season.  As previously discussed, if you need to attend in the morning, please do so.  Wednesday practices will be very important as the season progresses.  So glad that you all are as excited about the extra pool time as I am!

Friday:  Friday's meet lineup will be posted on Thursday evening.  Remember, whammos will be necessary if you attend.  We will be taking a limited number of athletes and some of you who have 10 practices will not be attending this meet.

Updated on 9/3/12 at 8:25pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Updates!

Time Trials:  Just a reminder that time trials for the swimmers will be on Tuesday, September 4.  Warm-up will start at 3:30pm with the events starting at 4pm.  Girls, please be on time to practice.  :-)

Labor Day: No practice on Monday, September 3.  Enjoy your day off!

Goal Sheets:  I have goal sheets for LESS THAN half of the team!  Please get these turned in this upcoming week.  We will have many girls who have 10 practices and will be eligible to compete in the meet next Friday.  Only girls who have turned in their goal sheets will even been considered to participate!  Get them in, girls!

Practice Recap:  You girls have done an amazing job these first days at practice!  I am so impressed by your focus and effort during workouts.  You are doing a great job of preparing yourselves for the season.  Way to go!

Updated 8/30/12 at 8:35pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Taking care of yourself...

Girls, please be sure you are hydrating THROUGHOUT the day, not just at practice!  Many girls indicated today that they didn't eat lunch and some didn't have breakfast OR lunch!  This is unsafe behavior.  Your bodies need fuel to get through not just your swim workouts, but your academic day!  Please take care of your body.  This also includes sleep.  Bringing something to snack on prior to practice isn't a bad idea either.  :-)

The past ten days of practice have been amazing!  Your focus during the workouts and encouragement to each other is inspiring!  Keep up the good work!

Updated on 8/29/12 at 7:45pm.

No Practice Tomorrow AM - August 28th

No swimming practice tomorrow morning (Tuesday, August 28th)!  Great job the first week and in to today's workouts!  Enjoy your morning off!  See you all at practice as scheduled tomorrow afternoon at Mary Wayte - 3:30-5:30pm.

Just a few other reminders:

We will start our fall practice schedule on Wednesday. 

No practice on Labor Day.

Goal sheets are due to Chauntelle TOMORROW.  Please make it a priority to get these turned in!!

Again, keep up the good work and we dive further into week 2!  I am already so proud of your accomplishments and we still have so much of the season left to go!

Updated 8/27/12 at 7:45pm.

Parent Meeting Tomorrow!

Just a reminder about Tomorrow's Parent Meeting:

All parents should attend our parent meeting on Wednesday, August 22.  New parents should attend starting at 6:30pm with returning parents arriving at 7:15pm.  The meeting should be concluded by 8pm.  This meeting is mandatory.

During this meeting, you will have an opportunity to hear from me (Chauntelle), our team captains, and some of our other parents on important items including expectations for the season, ordering team suits, what the booster fees help with, and changes from last season. 

Updated 8/21/12 at 1:31pm.

Swim Across America

One of the members of our girls swim and dive program is excited to lead our efforts in the Swim Across America event in just a few weeks!  This is a great event!  It would be wonderful to see all of our boys and girls team members participate!  Please take a look below for how you can be involved.    -Chauntelle


Swim Across America is a non-profit organization that raises money and awareness for cancer research, prevention, and treatment. Dozens of open water swims occur annually and all the proceeds raised by the swimmers go to a local cancer center.

So what can we do to help? We can come to together as one team and help save millions of lives by doing something that we love. On September 8th, we will participate in a half mile swim in Lake Washington. I encourage all of you to join our team and raise money for this incredible cause. All money raised will benefit the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. For every swimmer that registers, my parents will donate $50 to the team’s fundraising efforts!

For more information on the event/organization go to:

TO REGISTER, go to this link and our team name is Swimmers Saving MI-llions.

I will be hosting a kick-off BBQ at my house to jump-start our fundraising efforts on Tuesday August 21st immediately following afternoon practice. If you are interested in participating in the event/coming to the kick-off or have any questions please email me at [email protected] by Friday August 17th.

Thank you!

Sabrina Steinhauer


Girls Swim/Dive: Fall 2012 Updates

I can't believe we are already on the brink of starting the 2012 Girls Swim and Dive season!!!  As we get closer, there will be many updates to this site.  As always, keep checking back for reminders and information...especially in the coming weeks.

Dates to Remember:

August 8:  Athletic Packets Due
August 20:  First Day of Practice (Practice Schedule listed below)
August 22: Parent Meeting
August 24:  Team Meeting (after practice - 5:30-8pm)
August 25:  Lake Swim

Practice Schedule for Week 1:

Monday: 8-9:30am (MSC) and 3:30-5:30pm (MW)
Tuesday: 8-9:30am (MSC) and 3:30-5:30pm (MW)
Wednesday: 9-10:30am (MSC) and 3:30-5:30pm (MW)
Thursday: 8-9:30am (MSC) and 3:30-5:30pm (MW)
Friday: 9-10:30am (MSC) and 3:30-5:30pm (MW)
MSC=Mercerwood Shore Club
MW=Mary Wayte

Monday-Friday: 3:30-5:30pm Newport Hills Swim and Tennis Club (5464 119th Avenue SE Bellevue, 98006)

More information on diving practice will be given at practice.  For questions about diving, please contact Penny Yantis at [email protected]

Parent Meeting:

All parents should attend our parent meeting on Wednesday, August 22.  New parents should attend starting at 6:30pm with returning parents arriving at 7:15pm.  The meeting should be concluded by 8pm.  This meeting is mandatory.

During this meeting, you will have an opportunity to hear from me (Chauntelle), our team captains, and some of our other parents on important items including expectations for the season, ordering team suits, what the booster fees help with, and changes from last season. 

Meet Schedule:

In the coming days, our meet schedule will start to be posted piece by piece to the team site.  The schedule will not be confirmed until the end of the first week of practice.  Please don't take the posted schedule as FIRM dates.  We are adding meets and juggling schedules with a few schools still. 

If you have any questions about the practice schedule or anything else, please let me know. 

Updated 8/7/12 at 2:55pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Congrats on a 2nd place Finish at State!!

Great job by our  boys today at the WIAA state swim and dive finals!!!  Special congrats to our state champion 200 Free Relay of Noah Deiparine, Karl Maclane, Quinn Markwith and Marco Signorelli.

Lots of heart and fight came out of our group today.  As a coach and your number 1 fan, I couldn't be more proud of your efforts! 

For those interested in detailed results - check out

See everyone next Friday as we celebrate our season at the banquet!

Updated 2/18/12 at 5:41pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: State Finals Tomorrow

What an effort by our boys swim and dive team today at the state meet!!  We couldn't be more proud of today's performances!!  Let's keep it going tomorrow!

Parents and Athletes - Please help us pack the stands tomorrow!  We need your support in our team efforts tomorrow during our finals session.  All MIHS athletes who completed the season are invited to ride the bus with the team (bus leaves at 7:30am tomorrow).  Warmup is at 8:30am and the meet will start at 9:30am.  Like before, more information about the state meet can be found at 

We hope to see all of our Islander fans in the stands tomorrow at KCAC.


Updated on 2/17/12 at 3:48pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: State Prelims Tomorrow!!

Bus leaves at 7:30am from the high school for those attending tomorrow's prelim session of the state meet. 

For those swimmers and divers interested in attending the meet on Saturday, the bus will leave at 7:30am on Saturday morning as well. 

More information on the WIAA State Swim and Dive Championships can be found at


Updated on 2/16/12 at 7:30pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Sea-King District Results

Districts:  Results from the district meet are now posted.  Excellent effort by the group to secure a second place finish for the team!  Congrats to our 200 free relay of Kenny Trowbridge, Karl MacLane, Brandt Waesche and Noah Deiparine for winning a district title.  Lots of great swims and dives from our boys this week on both Friday and Saturday!  It was a great way to end the season for some and a great lead in to the state meet for those still competing.

State:  The state roster is set!
200 Free: Caldwell, Ralph
200 IM: Chong, Koontz, Simons
50 Free: Weiss, Signorelli, Markwith, MacLane
DIving: Hall, Nielson
100 Fly: Simons, Bower, Markwith
100 Free: Signorelli, Deiparine, Waesche, Caldwell
500 Free: Koontz
100 Back: Weiss, Piper
100 Breast: Chong, Deiparine

Starting time for practices this week for those competing at the state meet are as follows:

Monday: 2pm
Tuesday: 3:15pm
Wednesday: 3:15pm
Thursday: 3:15pm (State Team Dinner to follow practice)

End times will be dependent on swimmers - we will have ample time to work on starts at turns at the end of practices so it will be up to the athletes when their time in the pool end.

More information on the state bus for Friday and Saturday will be posted later this week.

Updated on 2/12/12 at 9:44pm.

Kingco Champions!

Great swims and dives yesterday from those who participated!  Everyone's effort combined helped the team win a Kingco Championship.  Congrats to Harrison Leeds for earning a gold cap!  Also, congrats to Marco Signorelli and our 200 Free and 400 Free Relays who claimed Kingco titles.  The 400 Free Relay also set a meet record.

Districts: Entries for the district meet are posted.  Remember - district and state lineups are the same!  You have to swim the same events at district that you would potentially swim at the state meet.  For relays - they are listed alphabetical, not necessarily in the order we will swim.  We will discuss relays this week during practice.

Practice: For those competing at the district meet, the practice schedule this week is as follows:
Monday: 5:30-7am or 3:30-5:30pm
Tuesday - Thursday: 3:30-5:30pm

Go Giants!  :-)

Updated 2/5/12 at 9:19pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Kingco Finals

What an effort from the group today!  So many best times and great swims!  The coaches couldn't be more thrilled with the first day of the meet!  Congrats to those of you who accomplished your end of the season goals!  There were SO many kids worthy of today's gold cap, but Yashar Zafari - you completed your season well!  Congrats! 

For those of you wondering who is swimming in finals tomorrow, you can check the website after midnight for results.  For our relays, the following athletes will be competing in finals:

Medley Relay: Piper, Chong, Simons, Hanson
200 Free Relay:  Trowbridge, Deiparine, Signorelli, Weiss
400 Free Relay:  Simons, Deiparine, Signorelli, Weiss

The bus will leave tomorrow at 1:30pm - warm up starts at 2:30pm and the meet starts at 3:45pm.  ALL athletes on the team are welcome and encouraged to ride the bus to cheer those who are competing on!

Good luck to our divers tomorrow morning as they compete at Juanita!!

Updated on 2/3/11 at 11:18pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Kingco Championships

A couple of items to note for tomorrow:

Out of class at 11:50am; Bus leaves at Noon.  

On your way to the bus, your parents have provided lunch for you.  You will be able to put together a great sack lunch on your way to the bus.

Warm up is at 1pm; the meet will start at 2pm.  We are expected to finish prelims around 5:30pm.

The deck at UW can be cool.  All athletes should bring CLOTHING AND SHOES to wear on the deck between your events.  Warm up is only effective if you can stay warm between your swims!  With limited warm up and warm down time between events, it is imperative that you be dressed appropriately.

The price for an adult is $6.00 and for students (w/ASB) is $4.00.

Updated 2/2/12 at 2:26pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Way to go, Cody!

Congrats to Cody Hall!  Cody qualified to dive at the state meet yesterday at the diving qualifier.  Good job to all our divers who competed!

Updated 1/30/12 at 7:30pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Kingco Regular Season Champs!

Undefeated!  Congrats to the MIHS Boys Swim/Dive team - 2012 Kingco 3A Champs!  We finished the season with an undefeated dual meet record - an excellent way to start the post season. 

Practice:  Friday afternoons practice attendance was disappointing to say the least.  Only 22 boys attended workout - with far more competing at the Kingco meet next weekend.  Practices this week are not optional.  Athletes should be at practice each day this week if they expect to compete at the Kingco meet on Friday.  If you are not competing at the Kingco Championship meet, you have completed your season and we will celebrate your accomplishments at the banquet in February!  This week's schedule is as follows:

Monday: 5:30-7am; 2-3:45pm (open to state qualifiers only); 3:45-5:30pm
Tuesday: 3:30-5:30pm
Wednesday: 5:30-7am (open to state qualifiers only); 3:30-5:30pm
Thursday: 3:30-5:30pm
Friday: Kingco Prelims - departure time; tba
Saturday: Kingco Dive - 8am WU at Juanita
                            Swim Finals - departure time; tba

Kingco Championships:  Entries are posted on the Meet Schedule and Results page.  Please note that we are only permitted to enter 3 relays maximum and only 1 relay will be allowed to swim in the finals portion of the meet.

Kingco Invitational:  GREAT swims by those who competed on Friday!  Congrats to Ethan Vu, who qualfied to compete at the Kingco Championship meet in the 50 free!  Best swims from everyone who attended!  Great way to end the season for this group.

Updates will be posted continually this week to help you prepare for the upcoming postseason schedule and your events.  Keep checking the website regularly for the most up to date information. 

Updated 1/28/12 at 9:46pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Senior Night tomorrow!

Thursday: Last dual meet of the season tomorrow against Bellevue!  We will be recognizing our seniors during the meet.  All seniors should write the following on a sheet of paper and give to one of the coaches on a sheet of paper PRIOR to the beginning of the meet:

Name, College (if known), Major (if known), Brief (and appropriate to share) favorite team memory

Friday: Entries for Friday's Kingco Invitational are now posted.  The bus will leave at 2pm from the high school and should return around 7:30pm.

We are starting to wind the season down.  For some, this is our last week; for others there are as many as three weeks remaining.  Make every swim/dive count! Whether it's during practice or during a meet - it matters.

Updated 1/25/12 at 9:25pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Normal Practice Schedule for tomorrow

Congrats to all of those who participate in today's meet.  Really good swims by the entire team!  Special congrats to our state qualfiers Dan Simons (200 Free, 100 Back) and Karl Maclane (50 Free).  Today's gold cap goes to Kenny Trowbridge for his swims during the meet.  Good job!

Wednesday Practice:  Tomorrow's practice schedule is normal - 5:30-7am or 3:30-5:30pm.  Those boys who do not yet have a Kingco cut need to attend practice tomorrow afternoon to discuss the post-season with Chauntelle.  Entries for the Kingco Invitational are due tomorrow evening at 9pm so tomorrow is the final day to choose your events for the meet.

Thursday:  Our final meet of the season on Thursday will be a Kingco Championship show-down between us and Bellevue for the Kingco 3A title.  It will also be senior night.

Friday: Practice on Friday for those who have qualified for Kingco will be from 2-4pm at Mary Wayte.  For those who have not yet bettered a Kingco time, a bus will leave at 2pm for UW to attend the Kingco Invitational.  We will return home around 7:30pm.

Saturday:  The following athletes have practice on Saturday from 11:30-1:30pm at Mary Wayte: Bower, Chong, Deiparine, Koontz, Maclane, Markwith, Piper, Signorelli, Simons, Waeshe, Weiss, Caldwell, Ralph, Trowbridge, Fukuda, Fukuda.

Updated 1/24/12 at 7:19pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Great Job! Meet Information...

Good job at today's meet for those who participated!!  Congrats to Xander Lacrampe!  He earned tonight's gold cap for great performances during today's meet.

Tuesday:  The following boys have practice at MICC from 3:30-5:30pm tomorrow:  Bower, Chong, Deiparine, M Fukuda, Koontz, Markwith, Piper, Signorelli, Waeshe, Weiss.

The remaning members of the team who participated in Monday's meet will also compete on Tuesday.  Like Monday, there is no diving on Tuesday so the meet will start with swimming events at 3:30pm.

Thursday: We will be swimming Bellevue on Thursday for the Kingco 3A title. The meet will begin at 3:30pm with diving.  This meet will also be Senior night.  The meet lineup will be posted on Wednesday evening.

Updated on 1/23/12 at 8:40pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Monday and Tuesday

Monday:  There is morning practice for any athletes who are looking for extra yardage to start the week.  For those hopeing to qualify for postseason meets, I strongly suggest you attend.

The following boys have practice on Monday from 2-4pm at MICC:  Bower, Chong, Deiparine, Koontz, Markwith, Piper, Signorelli, Simons, Waeshe, Weiss.

The remaining members of the team will compete in Monday's meet against Interlake.  THERE WILL BE NO DIVING ON MONDAY.  Swimming events will start at 3:30pm.  All swimmers should be IN the water for warmup at 3pm. 

If you are unavailable to swim in Monday's meet, please notify Chauntelle via email ([email protected]) by 8am on Monday.  Tentative meet entries will be posted late Sunday evening.  Please note that missing Monday's meet if you are entered to compete will mean you do not compete in Tuesday's meet (which is currently the last meet of the season for us).

Tuesday:  All athletes on the team will compete in Tuesday's meet against Sammamish.  If you are unable to compete in the meet, please notify Chauntelle via email by 8am on Monday as well.

Thanks for your patience as we work through scheduling of makeup meets.  There have been and still are some unknowns, but I am confident that come Monday afternoon we will know what to expect for the remainder of the week.

Updated 1/22/12 at 6:45pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Meet Schedule Updates/No Practice Saturday

No Practice Saturday:  MISD has advised that no athletic programs have practice on Saturday to ensure safe travelling for all of our athletes. 

Meet Schedule: Our meet against Bellevue is cancelled until further notice.  Our current meet schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday - against Interlake - 3:30pm start (no diving)
Tuesday - against Sammamish - 3:30pm start (Senior Night)

Again, please keep checking for updates as we try to reschedule meets league wide.

An updated Top Times list will be posted to the Program Info page this weekend.  If you have not qualified for Kingco Championships in any event, please plan to attend the Kingco Invitational on Friday, January 27 at UW.  More information will be provided at practices this week.

Updated 1/21/12 at 12:10am.

Boys Swim/Dive: Friday's meet cancelled

Friday's meet against Bellevue will be rescheduled for another date next week.  Friday practices are also cancelled.

There may be practice on Saturday if weather and pool schedules permit for some members of the swim team.  Please check the website for updates on Friday.

Good luck to our divers competing in the dive qualifier this Saturday.

Updated 1/19/12 at 8:39pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: No Practice Today

Just a reminder - Mary Wayte Pool is run by the MISD. No school - no practice.  :-)

Updates on tomorrow's meet against Bellevue will be posted when information is available.

Enjoy your afternoon!

Updated 1/19/12 at 1:24pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Thursday's Meet Cancelled

Thursday's home meet against Interlake has been rescheduled.  Our current meet schedule is as follows:

Friday, January 20: At Bellevue (Mary Wayte Pool) 3:30pm meet start
Monday, January 23: Interlake (Mary Wayte Pool) 3:30pm meet start
Tuesday, January 24: Sammamish (Mary Wayte Pool) 3:30pm meet start

Please continue to check the team website for updates to this schedule.

Thanks for your patience.

Updated 1/18/12 at 5:22pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Wednesday Practices Cancelled

There will be no workouts on Wednesday, January 18.  Updates for Thursday's home meet will be posted on Wednesday.

Updated 1/17/12 at 9:02pm.


Today's meet against Bellevue has been cancelled.  More information to come on a makeup date for the meet.

We will have practice as usual at Mary Wayte this afternoon starting at 3:30pm.   Please check back for updates to this notice.

Updated on 1/17/12 at 12:45pm. 


Today's practice will be at Mary Wayte from 2-3:30pm (not 3:30-5:30pm as previously scheduled) for those who can safely make it to the pool.  This time change is to ensure that no athletes are on the roads in the dark once the temperatures drop.  Please ONLY attend practice today if you can safely get to the pool.  Information on tomorrow's meet will be posted once information from the school becomes available.  

Be safe.

Updated 1/16/12 at 10:55am. 

Boys Swim/Dive: Monday Practice and Kentridge Invite

Monday Practice:  Practice for all groups will be from 3:30-5:30pm.  It is the only practice on Monday.

Kentridge Invite:  We will be leaving at 6:30am (I know....super early) on Saturday.  Warm-up is at 8am with the meet starting at 9am.  We will stop for food on the way home and should return to the island around 5pm. 

Only three meets remaining!  Starting next week, coaching staff will be talking with some of you who are on the brink of making the Kingco, District and State teams about what things you could do in the final weeks of the season to put you over the top.  We don't have many meets left after this week to qualify for the post-season!  Keep working hard.  

Updated 1/12/12 at 2:14pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Updates!

Kentridge Invite: Entries are now posted.  Van departure times will be announced next week.  Please plan on being gone all day on Saturday, January 14 if you are listed on the lineup.

Pictures Monday!  I was just notified that our team pictures are next Monday, January 9 at 2:45pm at Mary Wayte.  We will have ONE afternoon practice on Monday at the conclusion of team pictures.  Please be at the pool in your team suits at 2:40pm.  Picture packets can be picked up from Mary Wayte during practices on Friday.

Great job!  Both Tuesday and Thursday meets showed the coaches that we are on track for a great 2nd half of the season!  We ended up with two big wins against Newport, Shorewood and Bainbridge Island.  Congrats to Austin Ralph and Andrew Weiss for earning a gold cap for their swims on Tuesday against Newport and Shorewood.  Also, congrats to Marco Signorelli for earning a gold cap for his efforts on Thursday - including breaking a Bainbridge Island pool record in the 50 free.  Way to go!!

Updated 1/5/12 at 9:04pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Entries Posted

Entries for tomorrow's meet against Newport and Shorewood are now posted.  A reminder: in each event FOUR athletes from each team have the opportunity to score.  This means that there will be TWO varsity heats of each event.  Nearly every athlete tomorrow has at least one event in which they could score points!  With only about 1/3 of the team competing, every event will matter.

Kentridge Invite Entries:  Will be posted TOMORROW.  Unforeseen adjustments to the lineup were necessary prior to posting.

Updated 1/2/11 at 8:55pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Team Updates

Monday, January 2 Practice:  Practice on Monday will be from 3-5:30pm at Mary Wayte.  Remember, in order to compete in meets you need to be at practice the day before the meet.

Upcoming Meets:  We have two meets this week - Home on Tuesday vs Newport and Shorecrest and then away on Thursday at Bainbridge Island (out of class at 12:55pm; bus leaves at 1:05pm; returning to MI around 7pm).

Travel Meet: Our travel meet against Oak Harbor has been cancelled due to scheduling issues.  We apologize for the change.

Meet Add:  We have an additional meet not listed on our schedule - Home against Interlake on 1/19.  Please add this to your calendars.

Kentridge Invitational Entries:  Entries for the Kentridge Invite will be posted on Monday evening.  Please continue to check the website for information on the meet for those who are chosen to attend.  Remember - we are limited to only 3 swimmers per event with the exception of the 50 free (we can bring 6) and the 500 free (we can bring only 2).  Athletes with District level times/scores or better should be prepared to compete. 

Have a wonderful New Year!  2012 is going to bring great things for this group!  I can't wait!

Updated 12/30/11 at 4:57pm. 

Boys Swim/Dive: FRIDAY DECEMBER 16 Swim Practices CANCELLED

My gift to the team.  Please enjoy your day off. :-)

Here is the swim practice schedule for the next two weeks:

Monday, December 19-Thursday, December 22 - 8-9:30am (normal 3:45pm Monday group) and 9-11am (normal 2pm Monday group)
Tuesday, December 27-Friday, December 30 - 8-9:30am (normal 3:45pm Monday group) and 9-11am (normal 2pm Monday group)

If you are in town, please attend these workouts!  This two week stretch is when the coaching staff sees the most growth out of athletes.

Updated 12:02am on 12/16/11.

Boys Swim/Dive: Practice Schedule Change

Due to a Bellevue School District meet at Mary Wayte tomorrow afternoon, we will not have practice for the entire team tomorrow.  If you are in the 3:45pm Monday practice group, you should report to MICC and be ready for practice tomorrow from 3:45pm-5:15pm.  If you are in the 2pm practice group, you have the day off from workouts with us.

Thursday's Meet:  Just like last week, we will be limited in numbers for the meet this Thursday at Juanita.  Those competing should get out of class at 2:10pm (the bus will leave at 2:20pm).  Please be sure your WHAMMOs are turned in.  The meet lineup will be posted on Wednesday evening after all practices have concluded and attendance has been factored into the lineup. 

Updated 12/12/11 at 5:17pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Results Posted

Great job tonight, boys!  Much better than earlier this week.  We still have work to do this season, but we are back on the right track.  Let's keep our focus during practices and meets. 

Congrats to our state qualifiers today!  Sam Chong (200 IM), Noah Deiparine (100 Free), Quinn Markwith (200 Free, 50 Free), Ian Piper (100 Back), Marco Signorelli (100 Free), Dan Simons (200 IM, 100 Fly), Andrew Weiss (50 Free, 100 Back),  and all punched tickets to compete at the state meet.  Congrats to our gold cap winner, Karl MacLane, for his efforts today during the meet. 

Normal Friday practice schedule tomorrow.  See you all at the pool!

Updated 12/8/11 at 8:46pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Liberty Results Posted

Results from today's win at Liberty are now posted.  Congrats to our first state qualifiers for the season, Duncan Koontz (100 Fly) and Sam Chong (100 Breast). 

Entries for tomorrow's meet will be posted late tomorrow evening.  All athletes who have 10 practices and attend tomorrow's workout will compete in the home meet on Thursday.  Remember, the meet will start promptly at 3:30pm with diving, so hustle over to the pool as soon as you can after class to be sure you get a proper warmup to help you perform at your best!

Updated 12/6/11 at 8:57pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Meet at Liberty (Issaquah Pool) tomorrow!

Tomorrow's Meet:  The lineup for tomorrow's meet will be posted later tonight on the Meet Schedule and Results page.  (NOW POSTED) Only those athletes with 10 practices, who attend practice today, AND have paid their athletic fee will be eligible to attend the meet.  Reminder: Do to the numbers on our team, you may meet all of these criteria and not compete in the meet tomorrow.  Unfortunately, we will not have the pool time or bus space to take everyone to this meet.  However, all of those who meet the above criteria will be eligible to compete at our home meet on Thursday.

For those who are on the lineup to attend; you will need to get out of class at 2:10pm tomorrow and the bus will leave prompty at 2:20pm.  Please wear your team gear tomorrow (this or last year's is acceptable).  The meet will start at 3:20pm and we should arrive back on the island around 6pm.

Practices:  Attending practices are not optional.  Less than 50% of the team was at practice on Friday - and only a handful contacted the coaching staff about their whereabouts.  This is unacceptable.  Missing workouts or showing up egregiously late to practices will no longer be tolerated and result in athletes being sent home from practice and not participating in meets.  Playing with a cone or brick duirng practice is inappropriate.  As is having a chair in the pool during practice.  Warnings will not be given.

There are so many boys on the team who come to practice each day trying to get better and who are looking for more instruction and attention from our coaches.  For our limited coaching staff to spend time keeping order during practices instead of helping them with their goals for the season in the water is a waste of our knowledge.  Thanks for your attention to this important matter.

Updated 12/5/11 at 1:01pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Updates!!!

Thanks for your patience as I worked through a web issue.

Time Trials Results:  Results from the Time Trials Meet can be found here.  Good start to the season, but we still have lots of work to do!

Practice Tomorrow:  Those athletes with District qualifying times (also known as the 2pm Monday group) will have practice at MICC tomorrow from 3:40-5:30pm.  All other athletes will have a normal practice schedule tomorrow at Mary Wayte from 3:30-5:30pm.

Seattle Prep Meet:  Our meet against Seattle Prep will be next Thursday, December 8.  This gives us both a meet on Tuesday and Thursday next week.  Don't forget - in order to participate in meets, you need to have 10 days of practice and also have your athletic fee paid.  If you have questons, contact Chauntelle.

Updates!  There will be numerous updates to the website over the next few days.  Keep checking back for more information on the season!!

Updated 11/28/11 at 9:30pm.

Congratulations, Islanders!  2011 Girls 3A Swim and Dive State Champions!!

Best times and a team effort helped lead the Girls Swim and Dive team to our program's 10th State Championship!

Congrats to Grace Wold, named Swimmer of the Meet, with 2 individual titles, 2 automatic All-American times, and 2 school records!  Also, congrats to our 400 Free Relay of Alex Seidel, Kira Godfred, Danielle Deiparine and Grace Wold for their new school record in the 400 Free Relay!

So proud of all of our athletes who competed yesterday!  In addition to competing at such a high level, you also handled yourselves with extreme class on the pool deck.  See you all at our banquet on Thursday evening to celebrate all of our season-long accomplishments!

Updated 11/13/11 at 10:38am.

Girls Swim/Dive: State Prelims

GREAT swims all around today at the WIAA State Championships!!  We had lots of girls qualify for Finals tomorrow!!  Results can be found here.

LETS PACK THE STANDS WITH MAROON!  Our fans are an important part to our success in the pool!  Come and cheer on the Islanders tomorrow! 

All members of the team are encouraged to ride the bus to and from the meet.  We will stop for lunch on the way home and have a chance to spend some extra time together!

Go Islanders!!

Updated 11/11/11 at 3:47pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: WIAA State Championships this Weekend!

Calling ALL members of the Girls Swim/Dive team!  In support of our athletes competing this weekend at the State meet, PLEASE show your support by wearing your team t-shirts, sweatshirts, whatever to school tomorrow!!

The bus will leave for Prelims of the State meet at 7:45am on Friday.  All members of the 2011 are welcome to ride the bus to the meet AND SHOULD. 


3A PRELIMS Bus leaves at 7:45am
8:45 AM 3A warm-up (pool closes at 9:35 am)
9:45 AM 3A swim and dive prelims (concurrent


The bus will leave for Finals on Saturday at 7:45am.  Again, ALL members of the team should attend this meet!  Pack the stands with Maroon!  We will need all the fan power we can muster as we go for a team championship!


3A FINALSBus leaves at 7:45am
9:00 AM 3A warm-up (pool closes at 9:50 am)
10:00 AM Begin 3A swim and dive finals (diving event #5)


Post-season Awards:  If you have not yet voted for post-season awards, you can do so by coming to the pool on Monday, November 14 between 2pm and 5:30pm.

As a coach, the end of the season is bittersweet, but I know that some of our best performances are yet to come this weekend!!  I am so excited for what is to come!  GO ISLANDERS!!

Updated 11/9/11 at 3:13pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: First Day of Practice - Monday!

Please be sure to get your athletic packet turned into the athletic office ASAP, if you have not done so already! 

Practice schedule for next week:
Monday: 5:30am-7am; 2pm-3:45pm; 3:45pm-5:30pm
(Athletes who have district qualifying times from last season or faster should come to the 2pm practice; If you are unsure or didn't have a district qualfying time please come to the 3:45pm practice.  If you are unable to come to either practice in the afternoon, THEN you should come to the morning workout.)

Tuesday: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Wednesday: 5:30am-7am; 3:30pm-5:30pm

Thursday: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Friday: 5:30am-7am; 3:30pm-5:30pm; TEAM MEETING AT MIHS - 5:30pm-8:30pm (Dinner provided)

Parent Meeting:  All parents should attend our parent meeting on Wednesday evening in the MIHS Library Media Room.  New parents should arrive at 6:30pm and returning parents should arrive at 7pm.  The meeting should conclude by 8:15pm.  Don't forget to bring your checkbooks and something to take notes with!

Diving?  If you are interested in diving, please contact Penny at [email protected] for the dive practice schedule.

Student Managers Wanted: We are looking for one or two students interested in being a manager for the boys swim and dive program!!  If you are interested, please email Chauntelle at [email protected]

Updated 11/9/11 at 2:55pm

Girls Swim/Dive: State Lineup

Congrats to our 2011 Girls Swim/Dive State Team!!

200 Free: Seidel, Fisk, Riggins, Cox
200 IM: Wold, Deiparine, Larkin, Wang
50 Free: Williamson, Hatsukami
Diving: Lindsay, Cero
100 Free: Seidel, Godfred, Williamson, Hoffman
100 Fly: Wold, Olsen, Cookson, Seaton
500 Free: Riggins, White, Cookson, Chandless
100 Back: Godfred, Larkin, Cox, Chan
100 Breast: Fisk, Deiparine, Wang, Marques

Updated 11/6/11 at 5:01pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Sea King District 2 Champs!

Congrats to all 22 girls who competed today in the District Meet!  We were able to walk away with a GREAT team victory and get lots of additional chances to compete in the state meet next week!  I couldn't be more proud! 

Special congrats to our district champions - Danielle Deiparine (400 Free Relay), Kira Godfred (400 Free Relay), Meg Lindsay (Diving) Alex Seidel (100 Free, 400 Free Relay) and Grace Wold (100 Fly-School and District Record, 400 Free Relay). The 400 Free Relay set a District Record!

You girls rock!  An official state lineup will be posted tomorrow by the early evening.

Updated at 11/5/11 at 10:02pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Team Informational Meeting

There will be a brief Informational Meeting on Monday, November 7 at MIHS in room 207 for all boys interested in participating this season.  We will start at 1:45pm and should conclude by 2pm.  Please make it a priority to attend!

Is your athletic packet turned in?  We are less than two weeks away from the start of the season!!!  To ensure that our numbers for athletes are accurate and to help secure an appropriate number coaching staff for the season, please get your athletic packets turned in ASAP!  They can be found in the Athletic Office at the high school.

Updated 11/2/11 at 2:52pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Pictures Posted!

Pictures from the season can be found here.

Updated 11/1/11 at 11:01am.

Girls Swim/Dive: 2011 Kingco Champions!!!

Congrats!  MIHS Girls Swim and Dive are the 2011 Kingco Champions!  Great job by all who participated both last weekend at the Invitiational and those who competed this weekend!  There were so many good times both yesterday and today!  Way to go, Islanders!

Grace Wold set a school and Kingco Meet record in the 100 backstroke and Angela Riggins (500 Free) and Kira Godfred (200 IM) both bettered times to qualify for the state championships!  Great job, girls!

District Entries:  Please check the Meet Schedule and Results page for District entries.  Remember, this is also our state lineup for those who have already qualified.  Relays are lsited in alphabetical order - not necessarily the order of who will swim the relays at districts or state.  We will discuss relays during this week at practice.

Practice:  For the remainder of the season, practices will be for only those who still have meets to compete in or are listed as alternates on relays.  EVERYONE should attend our meets, but we will use our pool time for those who still have swims in the post-season.  On Monday, we will have two practices - 5:30am and 2pm.  All girls competing at the District meet should attend one of those two practices.

Updated 10/29/11 at 8:30pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Kingco Finals

GREAT JOB to everyone who competed yesterday in Kingco Prelims!  There were TONS of best times from the meet!  The coaches couldn't be more thrilled with your performances!

For today's Finals session, the event lineup is as follows:

200 Medley Relay: Seidel, Fisk, Wold, Godfred

200 Free: Deiparine, Cookson, Riggins, Fisk

200 IM: Godfred, Wang, White, Koksu

50 Free: Williamson, Olsen, Hatsukami, Seaton

100 Fly: Seidel, Cookson, Larkin, Chandless

100 Free: Wold, Godfred, Hoffman, Williamson

500 Free: Deiparine, Riggins, Fisk, Cox

200 Free Relay: Seidel, Olsen, Seaton, Williamson

100 Back: Wold, Chan, Steinhauer

100 Breast: Wang, Seidel, Marques, Tremaine-Nelson

400 Free Relay: Godfred, Deiparine, Cookson, Wold

For those swimming today, please be at the pool at 2:15pm and bring a fast suit, if you have one! 

For those of you cheering on your team today, please be at the pool before the meet starts at 3:45pm (doors open at 2pm).  Because there will be so many swimmers on the deck, all athletes not competing today should sit in the stands.  IT WILL BE PACKED.  The earlier you get there, the better chance you have of getting a good seat all together.  We can use your spirit from the very beginning of the meet all the way through the 400 free relay!  Today's meet could be a close one, so come in your MIHS gear and get loud!


Updated on 10/29/11 at 10:37pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Kingco Reminders

Kingco Champs Info:  Entries are posted.  Please note those of you who are entered in relays.  Our warmup tomorrow starts at 5:30pm and our session starts at 6:30pm.  We will leave the high school at 3:10pm and make a stop on the north end of the island to get some sandwiches for those of you who don't bring food with you.  We do have a parent preparing some items for the group as well.  We should arrive at UW around 4:45pm, depending on traffic.

If you would like to wear a fast suit tomorrow, please bring it with you to the meet. 

Get lots of rest tonight and GO ISLANDERS!!

Updated 10/27/11 at 8:47pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Post Season Information Now Posted!

Post Season Meet Information: Check the Meet Schedule and Results page for more information on the Kingco Championship and SeaKing Championship Meets including Warm-up and Meet start times.

Kingco Invitational:  All girls who have not qualified for the Kingco Meet are encouraged to swim this Friday at the Kingco Invitational Meet at UW.  Girls will have one last opportunity to qualify for the Kingco Meet as well as one additional chance to go for their best season times!  Information about the Invitational can be found here.

Is your daughter participating?  Interested in coming to cheer on your teammates?  Please let Chauntelle know!  We have been asked to provide timers for the meet and can use a few bodies to help us fulfill our requirement.  Thanks!

End of season:  Sadly, we are coming to the end of our regular season!  As we get to championship meets, please talk with coaches about when you last practices will be, if you have any questions.  As mentioned previously, the official end of the season is the State Championship meet.  We would love for ALL members of the team to attend the Kingco, District and State meets even if they are not participating in any races. 

Celebrating our Seniors!!  Tomorrow is our final dual meet of the season and in MIHS tradition, we will celebrate our wonderful senior class during tomorrrow's meet!  All seniors should write down the follow things and give it to a coach prior to tomorrow's meet:  Name, Years on the Swim/Dive Team, Where are you going to school (if you know), Your intended major (if you know), 2 things you leave behind for the underclassmen. 

Get lots of rest, and we will see you all at the pool tomorrow!!

Updated 10/17/11 at 7:50pm

Girls Swim/Dive: Congrats, Meg!

MIHS divers did a great job this weekend at the dive qualifier.  Olivia Cero put up her best scores of the season, and Meg Lindsay qualified for State with her scores!  Congrats, Meg!

Updated 10/11/11 at 8:14pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: No Practice Thursday

Reminder:  No Practice Thursday, October 6.  Please take this time to get some rest and get ahead on homework.

Bainbridge Island Meet:  Results from Tuesday's meet are now posted!  Congrats to Caitlin Cox and Grace Wold for both qualifying for state in the 100 back.  Caitlin also earned Tuesday's Gold Cap.

Next Week:  We have TWO meets next week!  Please plan accordingly now and get plenty of rest!  Coaches are making every effort to have as many girls as possible qualify for the Kingco meet and also for girls to swim every event.  Your events over the next few meets will reflect those goals. 

Calling All Juniors!  We will have a meeting next Monday at 1:45pm upstairs at the pool.  Please make it a priority to attend.

Updated 10/5/11 at 9:42pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Bainbridge Meet Info

For those attending the Bainbridge meet on Tuesday, you need to get out of class at 1:05pm.  The bus will leave at 1:15pm and we will return on the 6:30pm OR 7:05pm ferry.  We will stop on Bainbridge Island for food prior to getting back on the ferry, so please plan accordingly.  The meet lineup will be posted tomorrow evening.

Updated 10/2/11 at 7:55pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Another Team Win!

Results: Check the Meet Schedule and Results page for results from tonight's win against Lake Washington.  Like always, good effort from the team.  Congrats to our first time state qualifiers today: Alex Seidel (50 Free) and Grace Wold (100 Breast).  The good swims are just continuing for our group!  Taking a look at results from top to bottom, this was really a great meet for us!

With all of the confusion with heat sheets and such today, I did my best to catch changes to relays and events that we changed, but I feel I may have missed something.  Please double check the results to be sure that your name appears where you swam today!  Again, I went off my heat sheet of changes, but want to be sure that you get credit for your excellent swims.

Sleepover:  The sleepover permission form is due on Friday by the beginning of afternoon practice.  The form can be found here.  For information, please talk with one of the captains. 

Thursday:  Remember - no practice this Thursday!  Please take the time off to attend to get ahead on homework and get some rest to fight off whatever is going around!

Updated 9/27/11 at 9:06pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Entries Posted!

Tuesday vs LW:  Entries are now posted.  I have not yet received entries from LW so our exhibition entries may change if they cause the meet to run long.  An updated sheet will be posted if there are changes.

Remember, tomorrow's meet starts at 3pm and is a double dual meet.  Please leave class at 2:20pm.  We will have 1 lane for warmup, so it is very important that you are ready for warmup at 2:30pm (we will warmup in two groups for 15 minutes each - thus the importance of your prompt arrival).

Good luck tomorrow and Go Islanders!!

Updated at 9/26/11 at 9:30pm.

Girls Swim/Dive:  Juanita Results Posted

Meet at Juanita:  Another win for the MI girls!  I am proud of your effort today after a long week of workouts and racing!  Congrats to our first time state qualifiers from today's meet: Danielle Deiparine (200 Free, 100 Breast) and Alex Seidel (100 Fly, 100 Back).  Today's gold cap goes to Marlo Cafarelli for her excellent swims.

Pictures on Monday:  Team pictures will be at Mary Wayte on Monday at 2:45pm.  Please wear jeans and your white team shirt for the photo.  We will have practice following the photo.

No practice next Thursday:  There is NO practice on Thursday, September 29.  Please use this time to rest and get ahead on homework for the following week.

Updated 9/22/11 at 8:55pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Juanita Meet

Entries posted!  Out of class tomorrow at 2:20pm and the bus leaves at 2:30pm for those swimming in tomorrow's meet at Juanita.

Updated 9/21/11 at 9:25pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Great Job!!!

Results Posted:  GREAT job all around today!  Looking again closely at the results, I can't help but be proud of each and every girl that is apart of the team.  The best times we turned in today at our third meet of the season rival where we ended last year!  This means you girls have really done a good job during practices this season.  Don't let up now!  Keep working hard.

Congrats to our first time state qualifiers today:  Danielle Deiparine (200 IM, 100 Free, 50 Free), Leah Fisk (100 Breast), Maddie Larkin (200 IM), Alex Seidel (200 Free, 100 Free), and Grace Wold (200 IM).  For their efforts today, gold caps were awarded to Danielle Deiparine and Maddie Chandless.

Freeling Sick?  Quite a few girls seem to be coming down with colds, coughs, and pretty much everything that could make you feel lousy.  Please be sure you are getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of water and that you wash your hands often. 

Updated 9/20/11 at 8:08pm.

Girls Swim/Dive:  Team Pictures - Monday, Sept 26

Team Pictures:  Mark your calendars for September 26 at 2:45pm for Team Pictures!  Coaches will have photo forms at Tuesday's meet.  Please wear your WHITE team t-shirt and jeans for the photo.  The entire team will practice following the picture.

Meet Results:  Another great effort from the team yesterday!  LOTS of best times and good swims.  We are definitely headed in the right direction.  Congrats to those girls who qualified for state yesterday: Maddie Larkin (500 Free), Alex Seidel (200 IM) and Grace Wold (200 Free, 100 Fly).  Also, congrats to our 200 Free Relay for qualifying our group for the state meet.  We now have all three relays qualified to swim at state. 

Great job to Maddie Larkin for earning our 2nd gold cap of the season!  It was a tough meet to choose a gold cap earner with so many great swims, but Maddie really had a standout day.

Top Times:  Check the Program Info page throughout the season for updated top times report.  The first report for the season is now posted.

Reminder:  Monday Practice Groups are the same as last week's post!  Please double check where you are assigned to attend.

Updated 9/17/11 at 2:55pm

Girls Swim/Dive: Liberty Results; Newport Reminders

Liberty Results:  Great job on Tuesday against Liberty!  It was great to get our first races out of the way and see some of you really get racing!  Congrats to our state qualifiers: Caitlin Cox (500 Free), Maddie Larkin (100 Back), Alex Seidel (500 Free) and Grace Wold (50 Free, 100 Free).  We also qualified both our 200 Medley and 400 Free Relays for the state meet.  Our first gold cap of the season goes to Emily Olsen for her efforts during the meet on Tuesday.  Excellent job all around!

Newport Reminders:  The TENTATIVE meet lineup is now posted.  Please double check the heat sheet at the meet tomorrow to be sure you are still in the same events that are currently posted.

The meet tomorrow is at MIBC.  Warmup starts at 3pm (yes, school gets out at that time) so please do your best to get to the beach club and get changed in a timely manner.  The meet will start promptly at 3:30pm with diving.

It is not going to be the warmest day of the summer tomorrow.  :-)  I encourage all of you to bring something warm to wear in between your events.  Shoes (not flip flops) are HIGHLY recommended for in between events also. 

Team suits were handed out at the end of practice today.  If you did not get your suit today, they will be at the pool tomorrow afternoon before the meet also.

See you all tomorrow!  Go Islanders!!

Updated on 9/15/11 at 8:20pm.

Girls Swim/Dive:  Meet Entries Now Posted to Meet Schedule & Results Page

Updated 9/12/11 at 7:42pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Monday Practice Groups and Updates

Monday Practice Groups:  Groups can be found here.  Remember: These groups are only for those who do NOT need to atttend in the morning.  If you can attend afternoon practice, it is strongly encouraged.

UPDATE (9pm):  The groups were posted incorrectly earlier.  The groups are actually flipped from what the original post had listed.  A correct list is now posted.  Coaching staff will understand if girls attend the incorrect practice tomorrow due to my mis-post.  Sorry for the mixup. 

Time Trials:  Results from Time Trials are posted to the Program Info page.

Tuesday's Meet:  The bus will leave the high school at 2:30pm on Tuesday for our first dual meet of the season!!  Pre-arranged forms are required and you will be permitted to leave class at 2:20pm.  All girls attending practice on Monday should plan to attend our first meet unless otherwise instructed by coaches at practice on Monday or via phone on Monday evening.

We are full swing into the season!!  Keep up the hard work during practices.  Go Islanders!!!

Updated 9/11/11 at 5:06pm.

Girls Swim/Dive:  Schedule Change

Meet Schedule Change:  Please take a look at hte Meet Schedule and Results page for a meet schedule change!  Our meet against Skyline has been moved from 10/6 to 9/20.  The meet is still at Mary Wayte with a 3:30pm start time.  Thanks for your attention to this important change.

Practice Schedule Reminder:  Starting today, 8/31, we will be sticking to our normal practice schedule for the school year. 

Monday: 5:30am-7am; 2pm-3:45pm; 3:45pm-5:30pm (afternoon practices for Mondays will be assigned groups after Time Trials)
Tuesday: Meet OR 3:30pm-5:30pm
Wednesday: 5:30am-7am; 3:30pm-5:30pm
Thursday: Meet OR 3:30pm-5:30pm
Friday: 5:30am-7am; 3:30pm-5:30pm

Time Trials/Labor Day:  Time Trials are next Tuesday!  We will do a group warm-up at 3:30pm and the events will start at 4pm.  Don't be late!

There is no practice on Labor Day!  Please enjoy your weekend with your family.

Updated 8/31/11 at 12:50pm

Girls Swim/Dive:  LOTS of updates concerning 2011 Fall Season!

The moment we have all be waiting for is almost here (and I am not talking about the birth of Chauntelle's baby....yet.)  The Fall Swim and Dive Season is just around the corner!  Below you will find everything you need to know prior to the start of the season!  If you have not yet bookmarked this page, please do so.  Like always, if you have any questions, please contact Chauntelle OR one of the captain's parents for assistance.

Athletic Packets Due August 10:  Athletic packets are due to the MIHS Athletics office by August 10.  All the information you need (including the Eligibility Packet and Swimming and Diving Risk Letter) can be found here. PLEASE GET YOU PACKET TURNED IN PROMPTLY.  Our coaching staff numbers will be a direct reflection of our sign-ups.  If everyone waits to sign up for swim and dive until the first day of practice, our coaching staff may not be adequately prepared for the season.  Your cooperation is vital!

Managers:  We are looking for 2 good managers for the Girls Swim/Dive team this fall.  If you are interested in being a member of team, but unable to compete, this could be a position for you!  Boys and girls welcome.  Please contact Chauntelle if you are interested.

Practice Schedule:  The practice schedule starting Monday, August 22 until school starts is as follows:  Monday-Friday 9am-10:30am at Mercerwood Shoreclub AND 3:30pm-5:30pm at Mary Wayte. 

Once school begins, the practice schedule is as follows: 
Monday: 5:30am-7am; 2pm-3:45pm; 3:45pm-5:30pm (afternoon practices for Mondays will be assigned groups after Time Trials)
Tuesday: Meet OR 3:30pm-5:30pm
Wednesday: 5:30am-7am; 3:30pm-5:30pm
Thursday: Meet OR 3:30pm-5:30pm
Friday: 5:30am-7am; 3:30pm-5:30pm

Additional optional practices may be added on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Web Updates:  The Meet Schedule is tentative (more meets could be added in the coming weeks), but is posted on the Meet Schedule & Results page.  The coaches page has also been updated.

Upcoming Events
Monday, August 22: First Day of Practice
Wednesday, August 24: Parent Meeting (6:30pm - MIHS)
Friday, August 26: Team Meeting (5:30pm - MIHS)
Saturday, August 27: Lake Swim (7:30am - Clarke Beach start, MIBC finish)
Sunday, August 28: Car Wash (Morning TBA)
Monday, September 5: Labor Day - NO PRACTICE
Tuesday, September 6: Time Trials (3:30pm Warm-Up; 4pm Start - Mary Wayte)
Saturday, September 10: Swim Across America

Updated on 7/27/11 at 4:01pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Captains

Congrats to the captains for the 2011-12 season:  Quinn Markwith, Dan Simons, Kenny Trowbridge and Yashar Zafari.

Thanks for your patience on this announcement!

Updated on 3/21/11 at 11:14pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Updates

No new updates at this time, but please keep checking the website for an announcement once one is available.

Thanks for your continued patience!

Updated 3/2/11 at 7:57pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: State Prelims

Amazing job by those who competed today at the state meet today!  EVERYONE who participated in prelims is competing tomorrow and qualified for finals!!!!

The bus leaves the high school at 3:30pm - we hope to see the entire team at the meet to cheer us on to our team goal and individual goals for the end of the season!

Updated on 2/18/22 at 10:38pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: State Meet Lineup Final!

The state meet lineup for Mercer Island will be as follows:

200 Medley Relay
200 Free: Benca, K Moline
200 IM: Wingerson, J Deiparine, Chong, Koontz
50 Free: Signorelli, Markwith, Simons
Diving: Hall, Neilson
100 Fly: K Moline, Markwith, Simons, E Moline
100 Free: Signorelli
500 Free: Koontz, Tse
200 Free Relay
100 Back: Wingerson, Benca, Piper
100 Breast: J Deiparine, Chong, E Moline
400 Free Relay

The full psych sheet can be found at

Updated on 2/13/11 at 1:11pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: 2011 Sea-King District 2 Champions!!

Good weekend of swimming and diving by our entire squad!  It was really a team effort to get the win.  Results are now posted on the Meet Schedule and Results page.  Congrats to our new state qualifiers from the weekend:  Connor Neilson (Diving), Cody Hall (Diving), Quinn Markwith (100 Fly), Duncan Koontz (200 IM), Sam Chong (200 IM), and Dan Simons (100 Fly).  Also, congrats to our 200 Medley Relay (Andy Wingerson, Jimmy Deiparine, Dan Simons, and Marco Signorelli), Kyle Moline (100 Fly), and Jimmy Deiparine (100 Breast) for event wins today.

A full state lineup will be posted sometime tomorrow evening.

Updated on 2/12/11 at 10:45pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: 2011 Kingco Champions!!

Good job today and all season!  The MIHS Boys Swim and Dive team was named regular season Kingco 3A Champions and winners of the Kingco Championship Meet with 840 points (Newport was 2nd with 384 points).  It was a great effort by the entire team from top to bottom...even those who did not compete.  It was another great showing of fan support as we had a large crowd cheering our boys on to victory!

Special congrats to our state qualifiers of the weekend - Ian Piper (100 Back) and Dan Simons (200 IM) and the members of all of our relay teams who were Kingco event Champs.   Our divers had a great showing this weekend also - Cody Hall finished 4th and Connor Nielson finished 7th - both qualifying for the District Meet.

THANK YOU to all of our parents who helped volunteer this weekend both in advance and those who filled in at the last minute.  You are the cream of the crop and make the experience for your kids a positive one.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!! 

District Entries and events are posted on the Meet Schedule and Results page along with full results from the Kingco Champs meet (Note: Relays are listed alphabetically - not necessarily accurate for what order or who will swim them.)

Updated on 2/5/11 at 9:23pm. 

Boys Swim/Dive: Kingco Champs Prelims

AMAZING job today!  Lots of of great swims and huge time drops!  It was exciting to watch all of your hard work this season begin to pay off!!

For tomorrow's finals meet, the follow boys should expect to swim:

200 Medley Relay:  Wingerson, Signorelli, K Moline, Markwith
200 Free: J Deiparine, Chong, Tse, Trowbridge
200 IM: Simons, Benca, Markwith, E Moline
50 Free: K Moline, Waeshe, Kaminski, Fukuda
100 Fly: Wingerson, Koontz, Bower, LItzow
100 Free: Benca, J Deiparine, Signorelli, Chong
500 Free: Tse, Peterson, E Moline, Trowbridge
200 Free Relay:  Wingerson, Markwith, Benca, Signorelli
100 Back: Piper, K Moline, Simons, Ralph
100 Breast: Wingerson, Signorelli, N Deiparine, Hopkins
400 Free Relay: J Deiparine, Simons, Benca, K Moline

If you would like to see full results, they will be posted some time tonight here:

I hope to see you ALL (whether you are competing tomorrow or not) on the bus and at the meet being loud today!  It was wonderful to hear so many cheers for our guys coming from the stands!  Great team spirit!

Again, congrats on a great prelims meet. 

Updated on 2/4/11 at 11:12pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Kingco Champs Information

Just a few reminders for this weekend:

  • Out of class at 11:50am; bus leaves at Noon
  • Bring a lunch/something to snack on!
  • Warm-up begins at 1pm, the meet begins at 2pm and we should be back at the high school around 6pm.
  • There will be a five minute break between each event tomorrow for warm-up/cool down. 
  • The deck at UW can be cool and hot at times...bring deck clothing appropriate for both situations.
  • The top 24 performances from Friday's sessions (combined results) will swim at finals on Saturday.  Only the top 4 performances from each team will be allowed and only 1 relay will represent each school.

District team entries will be posted on Saturday night along with the Kingco Championship Finals results.

The coaching staff can help you with any of your questions.  Just ask!

Updated 2/4/11 at 7:50pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Results, Meet Entries and Practice Updates

Results:  Great job to those boys who completed their season yesterday at the Kingco Invitational!  Almost all best times from the group!  Special congrats to Nelson Tate and Yashar Zafari who qualified to compete in the Kingco Championship meet.  Super effort by the entire team!  Results from the meet are posted.

Kingco Champs:  Kingco entries are now posted.  Take a look and be sure your entries are correct. 

Monday Practice:  Here are the assigned groups for Monday's workouts:

2pm:  Benca, Bower, Chong, Deiparine, Deiparine, Fukuda, Koontz, Markwith, Moline, Moline, Ralph, Signorelli, Simons, Tse, Waeshe, Wingerson.

3:45pm: Bender, Conway, Goodwin, Guyer, Hanson, Hopkins, Kaminski, Leeds, Leeds, Litzow, MacLane, Merritt, Nevin, Norden, Ogawa, Pedersen, Peterson, Piper, Rosengren, Straughan, Swaya, Tate, Trowbridge, Zafari.

If you absolutely cannot make the afternoon workout, there is a 5:30am practice as normal.  Those assigned to the 3:45pm group really should avoid morning workouts this week in an effort to get extra rest with your taper if possible.

If you have any questions, please email or text Chauntelle.

Updated on 1/30/11 at 8:45am.

Boys Swim/Dive: Kingco Invitational this weekend

Those boys attending the Kingco Invitational (non-qualifier) should be at the high school by 2pm on Saturday.  The bus will depart at that time for UW.  Warm-up is at 3pm and the meet will begin at 4pm.  The meet is expected to conclude between 6pm and 6:30pm.  We will return to the high school at the conclusion of the meet.

Any boys not participating in the meet are encouraged to come and cheer their teammates on!  We are still a team and it would be great to pack the bus full of supporters! 

Also, we will need to provide two timers to help during the meet.  Anyone interested should be at UW by 3:15pm on Saturday.

Updated on 1/27/11 at 11:08pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Results

Updates are posted to the site including meet results from today's meet and a final top times report for the regular season.  All athletes should check for Kingco, District and State qualifying times and come to practice on Thursday with event suggestions for the Kingco meet.

Updated on 1/25/11 at 8:17pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Lake Washington Meet Entries

Meet Entries:  Check the Meet Schedule page for tomorrow's meet entries.

Practice update:  All athletes should be at practice on Thursday afternoon.  Imporant post-season information will be announced both to athletes as a group and individually with coaching staff.  Please be on time for this particular practice.  Athletes should be thinking about event entries for the Kingco non-qualifier meet or the Kingco Championship meet and be prepared for discussion with coaches.

The countdown is on for post-season meets!  Ten days until Kingco, 17 days until Districts, and 24 days until the State Championships.  Subtract days off, meet days and add a short taper and there are not very many opportunities left to train!  These workouts are very important.  You all have done a great job the past few weeks, keep it up!  You will be happy with the results you see!

Updated on 1/24/11 at 10:25pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Schedule Update

Our previously cancelled meet against Lake Washington has been rescheduled for this upcoming Tuesday at Mary Wayte.  This will be our final dual meet of the season.  Parents and athletes, please plan your schedules accordingly!!

Updated 1/21/11 at 8:58pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Meet Entries and Team Picture TOMORROW!

Meet Results:  Great job on Tuesday against a good Bainbridge team!  Congrats to our gold cap winner, Andy Wingerson.  Andy is the first member of our team this year to qualify for state in each individual event.  Way to go!

Meet Entries:  Entries for tomorrow's meet are now posted.

Team Pictures:  Our photo has been rescheduled for tomorrow immediately following the meet at Mary Wayte pool.  Please make note and bring your team t-shirt and team jacket for the picture.

Kingco/Kingco Non-Qualifier:  Each athlete is responsible of knowing where his times fall in qualifying for the kingco meet.  An updated top times list is now on the Program Info page and the time standards are on the Meet Schedule & Results page.  If an athlete does not qualify for the Kingco meet, it is expected that he attend the non-qualifier meet next Saturday at UW.  Questions?  See Chauntelle on Friday.

Updated on 1/19/11 at 7:23pm.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Senior Meet Tomorrow

Meet Entries:  Tomorrow's meet against Bainbridge is our last home meet for the season and our senior recognition will take place after the 50 free and before the 100 fly.  All seniors (whether competing or not), should check in with one of the coaches upon arrival to the pool tomorrow afternoon.  Meet entries for tomorrow's meet will be posted tomorrow around noon once entries from the away team have been received.  Thanks for your patience.

Kentridge Invite:  Results of Saturday's meet are now posted.  The team had a second place finish and some really great swims.  Congrats to Evan Moline for a great 100 fly to qualifiy for the state meet.

Practice:  Just a reminder that practice attendance is an important piece to lettering and what the coaching staff considers as post-season meets start to approach.  Athletes are to remember that the practice requirement is 5 for each week.  Less than half of the team met this requirement last week.

Feeling sick?  Lots of you have come down with the flu or other illness over the past two weeks.  Please, hydrate and be sure to bring your own water bottle to practice each day.  It is vital to your continued health.

Updated on 1/17/11 at 9:02pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Meet Entries and Updates

Meet Entries:  Now posted for tomorrow's meet at Juanita.  There has been a change in the start time of the meet.  The meet will now start at 3pm instead of 3:30pm.  It will be a double dual meet (two meets at once) with us facing Juanita, and Lake Washington facing Sammamish.  This means that those of you participating tomorrow will leave class at 1:50pm with the bus leaving promptly at 2pm.

Kentridge Invite Udpates:  Additional entries for Saturday's meet have been accepted.  The following athletes have been added to bonus swims:  Ralph - 100 Fly, Tse - 500 Free, Rosengren - 100 Breast.  The vans will leave the high school promptly at 7am on Saturday morning.  Please bring food, water, and warm clothes for the pool deck.  The meet is scheduled to conclude at 4pm.

Updated on 1/12/11 at 8:52pm.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Wednesday practice

Wednesday workouts are scheduled for a normal schedule as of 9pm on 1/11/11.  If school is closed or delayed on Wednesday, the morning practice is cancelled.  Please check the school district website BEFORE leaving for practice Wednesday morning.

Updated on 1/11/11 at 9pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Today's Meet has been cancelled

Today's meet against Lake Washington HS has been cancelled.  There will be no practice this afternoon.  Stay tuned for updates on Wednesday's practice schedule as they are made available.  Thanks for your patience.

Updated 1/11/11 at 2:10pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Team Pictures, Top Times and LOTS of reminders

Team Pictures Tomorrow!  Please be at the pool tomorrow in you team t-shirt, jeans, and for those of you who have one, your black team jacket.  Envelopes will be available on-site for those looking to order pictures.  Practice will start promptly after the team photo and will conclude by 4pm.  The afternoon practice is the ONLY workout tomorrow. 

Top Times:  A top times spreadsheet is now posted on the Program Info page.

Kentridge Invite:  Meet entries for the Kentridge Invite are now posted.  All athletes on the entry roster should meet at the high school on Saturday, January 15 at 7am.  There is strong potential for additional events for those already entered into the meet.  Any additions will be added on Monday and Tuesday of this week once confirmation from the meet managers is received.

Warm-up begins at 8am and the meet starts at 9am at KCAC.  As of today, the meet is scheduled to end at 4pm.

Water:  ALL athletes should be bringing water bottles or sport drinks to practice each day to ensure hydration.  Please make this a priority for the remainder of hte season.

Attendance:  The last week before break and this first week after break have both been very poor attendance weeks for the team overall.  It will be very hard to reach individual and team goals if you do not attend practice regularly.  Also, remember that attendance plays an important part in lettering.  A low attendance percentage on the season will guarentee that you do not earn a letter.  If you have any questions about your attendance, please talk with Chauntelle.

Qualifying Times:  Check the Meet Schedule and Results page for a Time Standards PDF.  Kingco, District, and State time standards are all posted. 

Updated on 1/9/11 at 5:30pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Team Pictures Monday

Team Pictures will be at Mary Wayte Pool on Monday, January 10 at 2pm.  There will only be on practice on Monday and it will happen right after pictures.  All athletes should expect to be at the pool from 2-4pm on Monday.  Athletes should wear their black team t-shirts, jeans, and for those that have one, the black team jacket.

Athletes can pick up picture envelopes from the pool during practice on Friday afternoon. 

Updated 1/6/11 at 9:15pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Dec 31 Practice Cancelled

Great job over these past two weeks!  For all the hard work of those who were in regular attendance, practice for Friday morning has been cancelled.  Enjoy the end of your break!

Workouts will resume on Monday, January 3 with our normal Monday schedule of three practices (5:30am, 2pm and 3:45pm).  Don't forget, we have two meets this week.  You must be at practice on Monday to be eligible for Tuesday's home meet against Central Kitsap.

Happy New Year!!

Updated on 12/30/10 at 10:48am.

Boys Swim/Dive: Team Jacket Orders/Weights

Team Jacket Order: This is a reminder that you have a second (and last) chance to order the team jacket through the website ( no later than tonight (Monday, Dec 20) at midnight.  Here is an attachment with more information.

If you have problems with your order, please call Sylvia's at 425-556-9867 from 9am-5pm today.  Sylvia's has received 5 jacket orders and they need at least 12 orders for the group order to be processed.  Sylvia's will sadly have to reimburse those who have placed their order if fewer than 12 athletes order a team jacket.  You can also order optional sweatpants, goggles, and parent MI t-shirts through the website. 

If you are interested, make this a priority today.

Weight Schedule:  Weights will be on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and next from 11am-Noon.

Updated on 12/20/10 at 2:30pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Meet Results and Updates

Meet Results:  Check the meet schedule and results page for results from tonight's win over Sammamish.  Again, lots of best times.  That is a reflection of your continued hard work during practices.  Keep it up.

Congrats to Quinn Markwith (50 Free) and Andy Wingerson (50 Free, 100 Breast) for their state qualifying times today.  Gold cap for today's meet goes to Austin Ralph.  Great job!

Holiday Practice Updates:  The practice schedule over holiday break for the swim team is Monday - Friday, 8am-10am for both weeks beginning Dec 20 and 27.  The practice schedule will return to normal once school begins in January.  If you are in town, you should be at practice.  If you are leaving town, please send me an email if you are interested in a workout book to take with you. 

Weight times have not been assigned for those weeks as of 12/14.  Any update to that will be posted to the website. 

See any of the coaching staff if you have questions about the holiday schedule.

Updated 12/14/10 at 8:01pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Entries Posted

Entries for 12/14 now posted.

Updated on 12/13/10 at 7:13pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Results posted

LOTS of best times today.  Great job during the meet.  Let's not be satisfied with today's results and keep working hard during practices and meets.

Congratulations to our gold cap winner of the day, Rileigh Greutert.  Also, congrats to today's state qualifiers: Jimmy Deiparine (200 Free, 100 Free), Kyle Moline (200 IM, 100 Back), and Marco Signorelli (50 Free, 100 Free).

Updated on 12/9/10 at 9:12pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Interlake Meet Entries

Entries are now posted.  Remember, hustle to the pool as soon as school is out to get the most time for warm-up and wear maroon and white to school.  See you all tomorrow.

Go Islanders!

Updated on 12/8/10 at 8:01pm and 9:45pm.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Meet Results

Meet results are now posted. 

Congrats to those who qualfied for state for the first time in their respective events today - Eric Benca (100 Free), Jimmy Deiparine (100 Breast), Quinn Markwith (200 Free), Evan Moline (100 Breast), Kyle Moline (200 Free, 100 Fly, 100 Free),  and Andy Wingerson (200 Free, 100 Back). 

We also qualified our 200 Medley and 400 Free Relays for the state meet today.  Great effort all around for our first Kingco conference win of the season.

Gold cap for today's meet goes to Duncan Koontz.

Updates for the rest of the week:

Remember, to compete on Thursday, you need to be at practice on Wednesday.  If for any reason you are unable to participate in the meet on Thursday, you need to let coaching staff know as soon as possible.  Thanks.

Keep focusing during practices!  The past week everyone has shown great improvement, keep up the good work.

Great job cleaning up the deck today after the meet.  It is the cleanest I have ever seen the deck after a boys meet.  After meets are over, remember to meet back together in the corner under the scoreboard for a quick meet recap.

On Thursday, please wear maroon and white to school.

Updated on 12/7/10 at 8:16pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: First Home Meet Tomorrow!

Our first home meet is tomorrow!  Entries are now posted.  Please remember that the meet will start at 3:30pm with diving.  Warm-up starts at 3pm (as soon as you get over to the pool from school) and athletes should hustle quickly to get into the water.  The pool will clear at 3:25pm.  You will only compete as well as you warm-up, so please be prompt.

All boys should wear khakis and a shirt and tie to school tomorrow.  In addition, the team will be headed to dinner at Red Robin after the meet.  Please see one of the captains with questions.

Go Islanders!

Updated at 12/6/10 at 8:02pm.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Results from this weekend...

Congrats to all those who attended the meets!  Great effort, and we were able to walk away with team wins on both Friday and Saturday.  Results from the meets this weekend will be posted to the Meet Schedule and Results page on Monday. 

Congrats to our gold cap winners, Eric Benca (Friday) and Brandt Waesche (Saturday).  In addition, congrats to our first state qualfiers of the season - Eric Benca (200 Free), Sam Chong (100 Breast), and Andy Wingerson (200 IM, 100 Free).

Updated on 12/4/10 at 7:19pm

Boys Swim/Dive: First Meet Tomorrow!

First meet is tomorrow!  All members of the team should wear jeans and a plain white t-shirt to school tomorrow (whether you are competing this weekend or not).  Great few weeks of practice.  The coaching staff is impressed with your effort thus far.  This weekend will no doubt bring about some great swims. 

For those attending the meet, here is the hotel list.  Check the Meet Schedule and Results page throughout the evening for entry lists.  They will be posted as they are completed.

Go Islanders!

Updated on 12/2/10 at 8:30am.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Last Reminder!

If you are planning to attend the meets this weekend and have not yet turned your paperwork in, please email [email protected] by Noon on Thursday.  There are a large number of athletes who expressed interest in attending that have not yet gotten their paperwork in.  Please make this a priority!  You don't want to miss out on good swims this weekend!

Happy December!!

Updated on 12/1/10 at 8:50pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Time Trials Results

Time Trials results are here.  Really great job today!

Just a reminder to get your checks and signed field trip forms to a member of the coaching staff ASAP for the meets this weekend.

Updated 11/30/10 at 9:15pm.

Boys Swim/Dive: Travel Meet, Time Trials, and Practice Updates

Information on the Travel Meets this weekend can be found here.  Please let coaching staff know if you are planning to attend.  I have a list of boys who have signed up already and will be reaching out to those boys over the next two days as well.  If you have any other questions, please email or talk with Chauntelle at Time Trials on Tuesday or during practice on Wednesday.

Time Trials are tomorrow!  We will do a group warm-up and then start the events.  Double check the heat sheet from the post below and make sure you are listed in the same heat and lane for all 5 events.

Practice Schedule for the rest of the week:

Tuesday:  6am-7am Optional Weight Training; 3:30-5:30pm (Time Trials)
Wednesday:  5:30-7am; 3:30-5:30pm
Thursday:  6am-7am Optional Weight Training; 3:30-5:30pm
Friday:  5:30-7am * Only for athletes still needing to reach 10 practices; No afternoon practice (Vans leave at Noon for Sehome meet)

Next week is a normal practice schedule.

Updated at 11/29/10 at 8:08pm.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Time Trials Rescheduled for Tuesday

Monday Practice:  Monday practice groups are the same as we attempted for last Monday before all the snow.  If you need to attend in the morning, just as last week, please do so.  Otherwise, stick to your assigned groups.  :-)

Time Trials:  We will hold time trials on Tuesday.  Click here for a draft heat sheet.  Please be sure that you are in the same lane and heat for each event, and send an email to [email protected] if not.

Weights:  Weight workouts will start on Tuesday morning at 6am at the high school this week.  If you are interested, please be there on Tuesday morning.

Goal Sheets:  If you did not turn your goal sheet in at the team meeting, please do so to a member of the coaching staff by Thursday afternoon.  All goal sheets are due at that time.  If you misplaced your goal sheet, you can find one here.

12/3 & 12/4 Meets:  Information on our upcoming meets will be posted by Monday evening.  Stay tuned.

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Boys Swim/Dive:  Thanksgiving Weekend Practice Updates

We will have two workouts this weekend: Friday from 8am-10am and Saturday from 9am-11am.  If these workouts are cancelled, an update will be posted to the website.  Plan to attend practice unless otherwise advised.  Remember, in order to compete in meets, you need to participate in 10 practices. 

If you were unable to make today's practice because you didn't find out until too late, don't worry about it.  Without school, we had to wait for permission to hold a workout and the turnaround was very quick.  Thanks for your patience and for checking the website for updates consistantly over the past few days. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Updated on 11/24/10 at 5:40pm.

Practice from 2:30-4pm on Wednesday, November 24

We will have a workout on Wednesday afternoon from 2:30-4pm at Mary Wayte.  Please drive carefully to and from practice and only come if you feel roads near your home are safe enough for you to travel on. 

Updated 11/24/10 at 1:20pm.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Practice Updates; Part 2

Time Trials/Practice for Tuesday afternoon have been cancelled.  Thanks for your patience.

Wednesday morning practice has been cancelled.

Updated 11/23/10 at 4:17pm.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Practice Updates

Due to the weather, practice for Monday afternoon will be from 2-3pm ONLY.  There will be just one practice in the afternoon for one hour.  All athletes should be at practice during this time.

Also, Tuesday morning weights have been cancelled.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Updated on 11/22/10 at 1:50pm.

Boys Swim/Dive Updates:  Practice Groups

Practice Groups:  Monday's breakdown can be found here (updated at 5:30pm).

Practice Schedule for this week:

Monday:  5:30-7am; 2-3:45pm; 3:45-5:30pm
Tuesday:  6-7am optional weight workout (MIHS); Time Trials: 3:30pm warmup, 4pm start
Wednesday:  5:30-7am; 3:30-5:30pm
Thursday: Off, Happy Thanksgiving!
Friday: 8-10am
Saturday: TBD

If you have any questions about this week's practice schedule, please talk to a member of the coaching staff.

Website Updates:  Updates have been made to the Records and Awards page, Meet Schedule and Results page, Coaches page, and Program Info page.  More updates will continue to be made!  Keep checking for further information on MIHS Swim and Dive

More updates coming today!  Keep checking back!

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Congratulations, MIHS Girls Swim and Dive!  2010 3A WIAA State Champions!

Girls Swim/Dive:  State meet information

Friday/Prelims:  All athletes travelling with the team to the state meet on Friday should have a WHAMMO completed and leave class at 2:45pm.  The bus will leave at 2:55pm.  We will make a stop on the island for food before we leave.  Athletes should bring money.  Warmup begins at 6pm and the meet will start at 7pm. Only athletes competing are allowed on the pool deck.  All other athletes must pay an admission fee of $7 with ASB.  Parents attending the meet to watch should expect to pay $9 for admission.  (If you are planning to attend both days, you can pay $15 as an adult or $10 as a student with ASB).

Saturday/Finals:  The bus for Saturday's Finals session will leave MIHS at 2:45pm.  Warmup is at 4:30pm and the meet will start at 5:30pm.

All athletes who competed during the 2010 season are invited (and encouraged) to ride the bus with the team to and from the meet in Federal Way.  Just like every meet all season, the team performs better when friends, teammates and family are there to support their efforts and cheer them on.  Nothing is better than being at the end of your race or finishing your last dive and hearing the people who have supported you all season giving you that extra boost of energy.  Lets pack the stands with maroon on Friday and Saturday! 

Updated on 11/9/10 at 8:14pm.

Girls Swim/Dive:  State Meet Lineup

Congrats to our 2010 State Team!

200 Free:  Cox, Cookson, Hoffman
200 IM: Wold, Deiparine, Larkin, Wang
50 Free: Poli, Seidel, Williamson
Diving:  Gaffney, Lindsey
100 Fly:  Wold, Chandless, Olsen
100 Free:  Seidel
500 Free:  Hoff, White, Hatsukami, Hoffman
100 Back:  Cox, Larkin, Godfred, Chan
100 Breast:  Poli, Deiparine, Gluck, Marques

Updated on 11/7/10 at 6:35pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: 2010 Sea-King District 2 Champions!!!!!

Nice work tonight in our final meet at Mary Wayte for the 2010 season.  You girls were focused and it showed!  Results are now posted.  Lots of good times and lots of great races.  I am so proud of all the girls who completed their season this weekend and looking forward to watching more incredible swims and dives at the state meet in less than a week. 

Lots of highlights of the evening, but congrats to our District Champions - 200 Medley Relay:  Wold, Poli, Chandless, Williamson; 200 IM: Wold; 50 Free: Poli; 100 Fly: Wold; 100 Breast: Poli.

Wonderful group effort by the entire team - those who scored points tonight and also those who were there cheering their teammates on.

Updates on State Entries will be posted on Sunday evening.  Stay tuned!

Updated on 11/6/10 at 10:25pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: District 2 Updates

Nice job today to all the girls who competed!!  Here are the girls moving on to finals tomorrow.  Warm-up is at 4pm and the meet starts at 5:30pm.  Not competing?  Come cheer!  We had a great showing of support tonight and need everyone there for finals!

200 Medley Relay - A Final:  Wold, Poli, Chandless, Williamson
200 Free - B Final: Cox, Hoffman, Cookson
200 IM - B Final:  Deiparine, Wang
200 IM - A Final:  Wold, Larkin
50 Free - A Final: Poli, Williamson, Seidel
100 Fly - B Final: Chandless, Cookson, Olsen
100 Fly - A Final:  Wold
100 Free - B Final:  Godfred, Remy
100 Free - A Final:  Seidel, Williamson
500 Free - B Final:  Hoff, White, Hoffman, Hatsukami
200 Free Relay - A Final: Poli, Remy, Cookson, Seidel
100 Back - B Final:  Chan
100 Back - A Final:  Cox, Larkin, Godfred
100 Breast - B Final:  Marques
100 Breast - A Final:  Poli, Gluck, Deiparine
400 Free Relay - A Final:  Seidel, Williamson, Godfred,  Wold

I have not seen any results from today's diving competition, but will post them as soon as I get them.

Updated on 11/5/10 at 9:41pm.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Athletic Packets

Boys, please get your athletic packets turned in ASAP!  As of Nov 2, we only have 32 boys signed up to be apart of the Swim/Dive team.  There are more of you out there!  Getting your packet turned in promptly helps coaching staff plan on pool time and helps us know just how many coaches we should have on staff.  Please make this a priority.  Thanks!

Updated on 11/2/10 at 7:19pm.

Girls Swim/Dive: Kingco Finals Results

Kingco Finals: Results are now posted!

Congratulations to Catherine Hoff (500 Free) and Vanessa Gaffney (Diving)!  Both ladies qualified for the state meet yesterday during the Kingco meet!  Way to go!

Great effort by the group yesterday.  We finished the meet 2nd behind Newport and over 200 points ahead of the next best 3A team (Bellevue).  It was a wonderful way to transition into the championship part of the season.  I am proud of the work you have put in and the intensity you brought to each race over the past two days.

Kingco 3A/2A League Champions!  Congrats to the entire Girls Swim and Dive family as we were named Kingco Champions yesterday!  Our perfect record against league opponents this season gave us our 10th league championship in a row!!

Districts: If you are continuing on to Districts, practice times on Monday are the morning workout (5:30am-7am) and the later afternoon workout (3:30pm-5:30pm).  Coaching staff will discuss practice times for the remainder of the week on Monday.

If you think your swimming season is now isn't!  We still have two meets left and need you to be at the District meet on Friday to cheer your teammates on!!  I got a text message last night from another coach telling me how impressed she was with our team's enthusiasm and support of each other.  Let's keep it up!

Updated on 10/31/10 at 1:02pm.

Girls Swim/Dive:  Results from Kingco Prelims and Finals Updates

Prelims:  Results are now posted.  Nice job yesterday!  Swimming a long meet like that is not the easiest of situations, but you all did a very good job of handling yourselves and doing the best you could to prepare yourselves for each of your races.  Lots of swims had you walking away with season and personal best times.  Great effort and preparation!!

Parents, thanks for all of your help with a long day!  All of the girls were prepared with food, clothing, and other items that helped the move the meet along for them.  Also, to those of you who stepped in to help on-site, THANK YOU!  It does not go unnoticed by myself or other coaches in the Kingco league that we have the BEST parent support group around.  I was told by no less than 3 people yesterday how lucky I am to have parents who help...and they are so right.  Our program success is driven by your willingness to help make meets and other events not just function, but function at a high level.  Again, thank you.

Finals:  Warmup is at 2:30pm; if you are swimming today, please be at Mary Wayte by 2:15pm.  If you are not swimming today, please be at Mary Wayte by 3:30pm for the start of the meet to cheer your teammates on.  Remember; these remaining meets are on the team schedule; even if your season is now complete, our team season is not.  Come and be with your teammates! 

Here is the breakdown of who is swimming today:

200 Medley Relay - Wold, Gluck, Seidel, Godfred
200 Free - Cookson, Poli, Larkin, Hoffman
200 IM - Wold, Cox, Seidel, Wang
50 Free - Deiparine, Williamson
100 Fly - Poli, Deiparine, Chandless, Olsen
100 Free - Godfred, Hatsukami (Andrea), Chan, Remy
500 Free - Cookson, Hatsukami (Alyssa), White, Hoff
200 Free Relay - Deiparine, Williamson, Poli, Seidel
100 Back - Wold, Cox, Nelson, Chan
100 Breast - Tremaine-Nelson, Hildebrandt (Eleanor)
400 Free Relay - Poli, Williamson, Wold, Deiparine

Good luck to you all!!

District Entries:  Entries for the District Meet will be completed by the coaching staff after the meet tonight.  Expect to see those posted on Sunday.  Remember, events do not change from Districts to State.  Essentially, the District lineup and State lineup are the same for our team.

Updated on 10/30/10 at 9:27am.

Girls Swim/Dive:  Kingco Champs Updates

A few notes as we head into Kingco tomorrow!!  :-)

  • Here is a copy of the Session Report showing the breaks and an approximate time for events tomorrow.
  • Bring food!  You will be at the meet for quite a while tomorrow.  You will need something to eat in between swims.
  • The pool deck at UW can be cool (although I have never been there with quite this many people), so be prepared and bring some warm clothes for the deck.
  • We will warm up at Mary Wayte as soon as you are out of class at 1:15pm.  With the pool space at UW being limited, doing our warm up at Mary Wayte will give us a little more room to get prepared for the meet.  The bus will pick us up from Mary Wayte and take us directly to the UW pool.

You girls had some great workouts of the past four days.  I am so excited to see how well you swim tomorrow to start the championship sesaon!

Go Islanders!!!

Updated on 10/28/10 at 9:50pm.

Girls Swim/Dive:  Diving and Kingco

Diving updates:  Congrats to Vanessa Gaffney and Syndey Zeldes!  They both qualified for the district meet with their scores this past weekend at the Bainbridge Diving Qualifier. 

Special congrats to our first state qualifier in diving this season - Meg Lindsay!  Meg qualified for her first state meet with the team.  Great performance!!!

Kingco:  Swimmers will leave class at 1:10pm on Friday for the Kingco prelim session at UW.  Girls, as of tonight, over 400 swimmers are entered in the prelim session of the meet and it is scheduled to conclude around 10pm.  We will go over some key details at practices over the next few days.  There will be no concessions at the meet and the pool deck at UW is far cooler than the Mary Wayte pool deck.  Please be perpared accordingly with food and appropriate clothing for the deck to keep warm.  More information about warm-ups will be posted after a few more details have been vetted.  Thanks for your patience.  This is a new format for this meet, so everyone is learning as we go!  If you have questions, please just ask.  :-)

Post Season Awards Voting:    Some girls have not yet voted for post-season awards.  If this is you, please come by the pool and do so with Chauntelle either Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.  Thank you.

Updated on 10/27/10 at 12:27am.

Boys Swim/Dive:  Athletic Packets Due

Athletic Packets:  If you are planning to participate on the Boys Swim/Dive team, please turn in your athletic packet to the athletic office by Monday, Nov 1.  In order for the number of coaches on the coaching staff to be approved in a timely manner, it is important that you get your packet in early.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

Updates:  Please start to check the website regularly now as we prepare for the beginning of the boys season.  Information on our meet schedule, ordering team suits and clothing, in addition to practice schedule information and updates will start to appear more often.

Updated on 10/27/10 at 12:24pm.

Welcome to the new MIHS Swim and Dive website!

This website was designed as a source of information for swimmers, divers, parents and alumni for all things MI Swive!  This site is a work in progress!  We are are working on adding results from past seasons, calendar updates and more program information as well.  Information on this site changes constantly.  Be sure to check this site often for updates and important notices.

If there is information you would like to see posted to the website, feel free to send an email to [email protected] with your suggestions.   

Go Islanders!

Athletic Packet Information

Please complete your athletic packet, as soon as possible. Do not wait until just before the season starts. Are you going on the team retreat? Packet clearance deadline is August 16th!

Information on getting cleared for the upcoming season can be found here:

Hell-O Week Schedule!

Mon, Aug 22nd-Thurs, Aug 25th

Swim & Dive
9am-10:30am: MIBC

3:30pm-5:30pm: Mary Wayte Pool

Fri, Aug 26th

Swim & Dive
9am-10:30am: MIBC

11am: Depart for Team Retreat

Week 2 Schedule

Monday, August 29th

3:30pm-5:30pm Swim Practice at MW

4:00pm-5:30pm Dive Practice at MSC

Tuesday, August 30th

8am Lake Swim

3:30pm-5:30pm Swim at MW

4:00pm-5:30pm Dive Practice at MSC

Wednesday, August 31st

Mornings begin/Normal Practice Schedule

NOTE: Swim Time Trials Thursday, September 1st 3:30-5:30pm at MW