Mercer Island High School Swim & Dive


MIHS Swim & Dive School Records


EventGirls Record Boys Record 
200 Medley Relay 

C. Watson, P. Enge
I. Peng, G. Kehoe (2022)

J. Winn, E. Ralston
B. Petersen, M. Shield (2022)
200 Free 1:48.52
Megan Oesting (1989) 
Sean Sussex (2002-03) 
200 Individual Medley 1:59.92*
Piper Enge (2021)
Andy Lloyd (1988) 
50 Free :23.17
Megan Oesting (1990) 
Sean Sussex (2002-03)
Diving (6 Dives) 262.20
Brooke Andrews (2021)
Gabe Neale (2019-20) 
Diving (11 Dives) 465.40
Brooke Andrews (2022)
Beau Riebe (2008-09)
100 Fly:55.08
Grace Wold (2011)
Murry Longbotham (2008-09) 
100 Free :50.54
Megan Oesting (1990) 
Sean Sussex (2002-03) 
500 Free 4:55.19
Rachel Godfred (2008) 
Andy Lloyd (1988) 
200 Free Relay 1:37.12*
A. Seidel, C. Williamson,
S. Kwan, G. Wold (2012) 
S. Sussex, A. Strand,
B. Easton, M. Kaarma (2002) 
100 Back 

Grace Wold (2010)

James Richardson (2019)
100 Breast 

Piper Enge (2021)

Collin Ralston (2019-20) 
400 Free Relay 

P. Enge, G. Kehoe,
A. McDevitt, C. Watson (2022)

J. Richardson, K Riley
E. Schwartz, A. Edwards (2018-19)

*State Record

Frank Cetezink Award

About Frank Ceteznik:

  • Mercer Island girls’ coach for 25 years (1974-98), Bellevue High (1971-73).
  • Led the girls’ team to 8 state championships, 7 in a row (1992-98).
  • National coach of the year 1987.
  • Coached an Olympic champion (Mary Wayte, 1984) .
  • Coached both Colleen (mother) and Kirty Strand (daughter) – both were team captains. 
  • MI boys coach for a total of 12 years - he took a break in the late 80's to coach soccer.
  • Led the boys’ team to one state championship (1998).

Purpose of award:

This award is given in honor of long time swim coach Frank Ceteznik. It represents the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a swim team member. This award signifies all the individual characteristics that contribute to team unity and success.

Each Candidate must be a:   

  1. Senior swimmer and/or diver and
  2. Must have been on the MIHS swim/dive team for four years.
  3. The candidate chosen for this award is that senior who best demonstrates team spirit, leadership and exemplary sportsmanship.
  4. He/she is the true model for his/her teammates.

Each athlete and coach vote for 2 eligible seniors.  Coaches’ votes count for 1/3 and the athletes’ votes count for 2/3 of the total votes cast.

Past Winners



Female Recipient 

Male Recipient 


Jane Humphries 

Spencer Driscoll 


Ellie Humphries 

Simon Aebersold 


Leslie Nakagawa 

Keith Jarrett 


Naomi Jacobson 

Aaron Seeks 


Michele Hom 

Sean Sussex 




Katie Painter 


Grant Garcia 


Michelle Lam 

Eddie Carden 


Erin Garcia 

Tad Homchick 


 Natalie Scott

 Jay Voit


Hannah Bliss

Brian Harmon


Veronica Bone

Tyler Benster



Ian Fisk


Briauna Azer 

Wick Kaminski 


 VeeVee Wang

Matt Fukuda 


Noah Deiparine 



Brett Storie Scholarship

Brett Storie graduated with honors from Mercer Island High School as a National Merit Scholar in 1999.  He attended the University of California at San Diego until his diagnosis and 2 year battle with Acute Mylogenic Leukemia.  Swimming before the age of one, Brett became a record setting competitor for the Mercer Island Beach Club, garnering awards as the “Most Improved” and “Most Inspirational” swimmer both at the club level and at high school, where he became a state-level athlete.

He especially excelled at and loved playing water polo, becoming team co-captain and leader, an all-state selection and the defensive MVP, sharing two state championships with his teammates.  Brett was comfortable with his intellectual and athletic gifts, possessing an intelligent wisdom and stability beyond his years.  He inspired those around him to excel, even as he was slowing down and fighting for his life.

Brett was an enthusiastic participant in life, academics and sports.  He was very focused on achieving the goals he set for himself, while being dedicated to team concepts, melding his personal strengths and growth with making the team stronger and other individuals around him better, accomplished through perseverance, a love of learning and participation, humor, leadership (usually by example) and old-fashioned hard work.

Brett wished to reward student/athletes who have a love for competing and teaching in the classroom and the pool.  Top grades and athleticism may be considered, but are not the primary criterion for selection.  Inspiration, enthusiasm, drive and focus, sportsmanship, self-improvement and contributions that make the program, the team and the activity better for everyone involved are the attributes of the successful candidate.

A scholarship was previously established in Brett’s honor for any graduating senior who has contributed to the growth of aquatics in any way on Mercer Island.  

Past Winners 






Lisa Tilson 

University of Kansas 


Tamon Page 

University of Washington 


Eugene Hsiang
Colin Sterling 

University of Washington
University of Washington 


George Stanton
Adam Jacobson 

Whitman College
University of San Fransico 


Suzy Myre 

Loyola Marymount 


Sam Sussman 

University of Washington 


Tyler Benster 

Brown University 


Connor Paulich 

 Whitman College








Athletic Packet Information

Please complete your athletic packet, as soon as possible. Do not wait until just before the season starts. Are you going on the team retreat? Packet clearance deadline is August 16th!

Information on getting cleared for the upcoming season can be found here:

Hell-O Week Schedule!

Mon, Aug 22nd-Thurs, Aug 25th

Swim & Dive
9am-10:30am: MIBC

3:30pm-5:30pm: Mary Wayte Pool

Fri, Aug 26th

Swim & Dive
9am-10:30am: MIBC

11am: Depart for Team Retreat

Week 2 Schedule

Monday, August 29th

3:30pm-5:30pm Swim Practice at MW

4:00pm-5:30pm Dive Practice at MSC

Tuesday, August 30th

8am Lake Swim

3:30pm-5:30pm Swim at MW

4:00pm-5:30pm Dive Practice at MSC

Wednesday, August 31st

Mornings begin/Normal Practice Schedule

NOTE: Swim Time Trials Thursday, September 1st 3:30-5:30pm at MW